Top Identity Verification Platforms (2023)

In 2023, the digital transformation of the global economy will have completely altered how people purchase, use financial services, interact with the government, and even enjoy entertainment. The benefits of a digital economy should be considered since doing business online can provide its own set of dangers and difficulties. The best method to protect your company’s data from cybercriminals is to implement an efficient identity verification system.

Identity verification tools are crucial in the modern online environment. Most people now do everything from banking to learning to grocery shopping online. The benefits and drawbacks of technology’s presence in our lives are continually being explored and mastered. Identity verification software is a safe and private way to confirm someone’s identity online. This program protects the user’s anonymity while preventing fraudulent activity in online financial dealings.

Rules and regulations are evolving with this new environment. Businesses may comply with ever-evolving laws and standards with identity verification systems. The most effective identity verification programs guarantee the safety of financial transactions while keeping businesses up to date. 

Here are some top Identity verification platforms


ComplyCube is an automated identity verification tool that helps organizations with AML and KYC regulations. It has functions that let companies confirm a person’s identity via official papers, biometrics, and public records. SaaS helps companies accomplish worldwide AML/CTF compliance, convert more consumers, and prevent fraud by combining trustworthy data sources with skilled human reviewers. ComplyCube’s outreach feature allows firms to perform several customer verification procedures in a single session. The system calculates what information is needed and then provides a client with a secure link to click on to initiate a Know Your Customer (KYC) session. AML screenings, PEP checks, address verification, ID document authentication, and ID verification are some available checks. streamlines the process of establishing and sharing digital identification. Over 98 million people are part of the secure digital identification network, which also includes relationships with 30 states, 10 federal agencies, and over 500 well-known shops. The startup helps businesses of all kinds confirm their employees’ identities and memberships in certain communities. The Kantara Initiative has recognized the firm as a NIST 800-63-3 IAL2 / AAL2 conformant credential service provider, proving that the company’s solution satisfies federal requirements for consumer authentication. has received a FedRAMP Moderate Authorization to Operate (ATO) for its Identity Gateway.’s “No Identity Left Behind” mission and integrated video chat make it the only supplier, ensuring everyone can establish and maintain a safe online persona.


Trustmatic’s goal is to streamline client confidence in enterprises. Trustmatic streamlines verification processes while keeping private information safe, assisting businesses in meeting requirements for local and international Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. The service has a 98% first-time success rate in its onboarding procedure. Trustmatic is compatible with 138 languages and various identification papers from 248 nations and territories. The firm uses the PAD algorithm, validated at the iBeta Level 2 standard, for passive liveness detection.


Middesk is a business intelligence (BI) platform serving the onboarding needs of companies in the financial technology (fintech), consumer credit reporting, and business marketplaces industries. Middesk states that it provides engineering resources to compliance teams that would not have them otherwise. Middesk is not just an underwriting and verification platform for businesses but also an identity platform. The company’s platform also alerts service providers to any changes in its customer base, giving them a complete view of the company’s clientele so they can better deliver the essential items those clients need to launch, run, and manage their enterprises.


Pipl is an identity trust firm that offers identity resolution by mining the extensive web of associations between various pieces of personal data. Pipl is a global database that examines the connections between multiple identifiers, such as email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and social media profiles. Identity records from all over the internet and many proprietary sources are continually collected, cross-referenced, and connected via its identity resolution engine. More than 3.6 billion phone numbers and 1.7 billion email addresses are included in the resulting searchable database, which spans over 150 nations. Merchants can reduce chargebacks and fraud risk with the Pipl API and manual review solutions while providing a more pleasant customer experience.


DocuSign Identify integrates identification and identity verification into the eSignature process. Users are aided in safeguarding vital agreements and the overall client experience. The solution is useful for complying with KYC, AML, and other local, national, and international mandates. Each Certificate of Completion has a verification status. Users can confirm a signer’s identity in more ways than only by having them click a link in an email. DocuSign Identify facilitates the incorporation of identity verification and authentication into the eSignature process. This safeguards vital contracts and the satisfaction of your customers. Digitally verifying a signer’s identification using a government-issued ID, KBA questions, or an electronic ID is made possible with ID Verification. It’s promoted as being accessible everywhere in the globe and on any mobile device.


Ekata Inc., a Mastercard subsidiary, works with companies all around the globe to eliminate friction and prevent fraud. The Ekata Identity Engine underpins their identity verification products, allowing companies to make quick and precise risk assessments regarding their clients. With the aid of Ekata, companies can verify their customers’ identities and evaluate potential threats without compromising their privacy. Their products equip over 2,000 companies and partners to prevent cybercrime and provide a welcoming, hassle-free service to clients in more than 230 regions worldwide.


LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ TruNarrative is designed to streamline security for online transactions. Multi-jurisdictional client onboarding, financial crime detection, risk, and regulatory compliance are all made easier with the TruNarrative Platform. Identity Verification, Fraud, eKYC, AML, and Account Monitoring are all supported by a common decision API. The platform centralizes these inspections in a tunable setting and then employs cutting-edge methods like machine learning and process automation to boost productivity. The TruNarrative no-code interface integrates user data with that from 40+ third-party suppliers, allowing for real-time rule and decision adaptation without IT support. This reduces TCO and facilitates adoption and integration.


Self-governing, anonymous, and independently verified credentials may be issued with the help of the KILT system, a blockchain-based decentralized identity system. The protocol facilitates identity-based business models and responds to the need for secure and auditable digital identity systems. KILT is an identity representation system that ensures personal information remains secure and under its owner’s control, just as it would be with a physical passport, driver’s license, or certificate. With KILT, users may make claims about themselves, have those claims certified by other parties, and then keep them as digital credentials to present to others. A hash of the credential is recorded on the blockchain, but the actual data never leaves the owner’s possession.


HealthVerity Census is a tool that facilitates real-time data mastery and connecting to aid in resolving patient identification on demand. Using Identity, Privacy, Governance, and Exchange as its cornerstones, the HealthVerity IPGE platform makes finding RWD across the largest healthcare data ecosystem possible, constructing more thorough and accurate patient journeys, and power analytics and applications. Life science companies may create a single source of truth for patient identification and properly develop and distribute the patient journey across partner datasets by de-identifying sensitive health information into universal HealthVerity IDs.

Bureau ID 

Bureau is a no-code identification and risk orchestration platform that promises to assist users in generating fraud-free customer interactions across the customer lifecycle. Bureau provides a software application programming interface (API) that lets customers build their risk policies using a drag-and-drop interface. The bureau handles all types of risk, from account creation and user onboarding to knowing your customer checks and transaction monitoring. By combining pre-integrated device, persona, phone, email, social, alternate data, and behavior intelligence from many data sources, the Bureau Platform helps the user create a risk profile of every user and transaction to perform accurate identity verification and prevent fraud before it occurs.

Mortgage Credit Link (MCL)

Mortgage Credit Link (MCL) is an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform for processing online orders. Its user-friendly online interface and built-in fulfillment facilities streamline placing an order for a product. Its application programming interfaces (APIs) may integrate its products and services with any program to improve usability, remove the potential for human mistakes, and reduce overhead. Services like credit data trends and analytics are part of the solution set. Ellie Mae’s Encompass and Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter are only two examples of loan origination and automated underwriting systems compatible with this software.

Verified by Clari5

To ensure the security of the card, digital banking, and UPI transactions, users may connect with their financial institutions using Verified by Clari5TM. In addition to supporting WhatsApp for transaction verification, Verified by Clari5TM is an omnichannel tool that helps SMS and phone calls for those consumers who want them. To mitigate the growing concern about losing money in online transactions, Verified by Clari5TM provides customer-initiated verification.


INEO (formerly Lending Solution) is a financial industry CRM with anti-fraud and digital onboarding features. With an omnichannel approach and administration of customers, INEO systems offer both in-person and remote onboarding, combining biometric identification, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controls, digital signature, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Token of Trust

With Token of Trust, you may check someone’s credentials and see what others think of them. Token of Trust allows businesses to do due diligence on users, customers, and transactions in over 130 countries. The Token of Trust platform will enable companies to check the security of transactions and adhere to regulations while giving consumers more agency over their verified identities.


ABBYY Proof of Identity is an all-in-one service that verifies and authenticates your identity through documents. The system is based on ABBYY’s mobile capture and intelligent document processing technology, prioritizing user-friendliness and data security. Customer onboarding, account opening, claims, and enrollment procedures need proof of identification. At this stage, the consumer presents identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) and other documentation to the company to verify their identity. Customers prefer to interact through mobile and internet channels while looking for loans, making claims, registering for benefits, or signing up for a new healthcare provider. To decrease customer abandonment and churn, businesses may use ABBYY’s Proof of Identity solution to meet their consumers where they already are.


SEON provides full-service passive identity verification and anti-fraud solutions. With SEON, organizations can use white-box machine learning tailored to their needs, an advanced scoring engine, and real-time data enrichment. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) and data enrichment come together in SEON’s complete digital profiling offering to display data from 50+ online networks and platforms, such as user photographs, biographies, and profile information. 


Jumio provides a global database of 500 million identities from over 200 countries, which it uses to power an all-encompassing identity verification solution and fraud protection platform. Jumio’s offerings conform to Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering laws. Machine learning for fraud detection and live video, biometric face recognition, barcode and NFC scanning, and so on are all a part of its identity verification capabilities. Jumio is relentlessly pursuing better data protection and information security measures. Jumio abides by the rules and regulations in every country it operates. They are GDPR compliant and certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013, PCI DSS, and SOC2 Type 2.


Real Identity by Onfido is an automated, end-to-end AI-powered identity verification platform that accepts 2,500 unique forms of identification from 195 different countries. Onfido’s solutions provide a streamlined client identification procedure by providing a flexible, intuitive interface with instantaneous response. Challenger banks want to enroll new customers rapidly and safely, like its identity verification package, since it helps them comply with worldwide Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering requirements. Onfido is an award-winning identity verification technology using AI to automate onboarding. To guarantee a one-of-a-kind, rapid, and accurate micro-model approach to identity verification, this is constructed utilizing data from worldwide. 


Veriff is a cloud-based identity verification SaaS product that is highly automated and AI-powered and covers over 11,000 unique government-issued identification papers in over 230 nations and territories and 45 languages. Veriff is widely used in the financial industry and is the solution of choice in the gambling and gaming sectors for maintaining Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. Veriff’s solution was among the first to employ video analysis to aid in identity verification and to help screen out fraudsters throughout the transaction process by nearly instantaneously identifying whether a user is correct.

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