Drive Conversions with Proactive Demand Generation

Engage your visitors at every stage of the demand generation process. Use i-genie to generate interest, convert prospects, close more deals, and scale business growth.

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Proactively engage with visitors

You never know who is visiting your website and what are they looking for. Be the first to say hello and strike a personalized conversation with your visitors. Engaging with visitors when they are actually on the website helps increase the chances of demand generation.

Turn visitors into qualified leads

Now that the visitors are engaged in a conversation, the chatbot probes them by asking qualifying questions and converts their interest to desire. All qualified leads are synced back automatically with your CRMs - round the clock.

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See how other businesses scaled their Demand Generation with i-genie

Demand Generation with i-genie Generate Leads

Middle East’s largest legal consultant, DM Immigration, used i-genie to generate 60K+ leads

Genie Sales Domino Printing

Printing giant, Domino Printing, built a $1.25M sales pipeline and improved CX using i-gennie

Most Prominent Hospitals Zydus Dedicated to Life

How one of Gujarat’s most prominent hospitals leveraged conversational marketing to generate 5000+ appointments.

Our App Market.

Seamless integration with your favorite apps

Integrate the apps your organization uses to manage demand generation and integrate them with the bot. Use CRMs to send data, scheduling tools like Google Calendar, Calendly to book appointments, and do a lot more from the native integrations available in our App Market.

Improve your demand gen with analytics

Sales is a numbers game. No matter what you sell, you always got to account for the demand generated, conversion %, engagement %, pipeline value, so that you have a well-oiled demand generation machine.

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