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Increase operational efficiency, and streamline mundane tasks with a chatbot for your manufacturing unit.

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Chatbot for Manufacturing
Boost your leads

Boost your leads with meaningful conversations. Qualified lead generation
made easy.

Supplies and Inventory Check

Supplies and Inventory Check

Keep track of existing inventory and supplies to make sure orders are fulfilled with Manufacturing chatbots.

Integrate manufacturing chatbots with ERPs or other 3rd party systems to quickly pull relevant information as and when needed.

Automating the Customer Support

Automate part of your routine support queries, service tickets and complaints using smart chatbots.

In case of human assistance, have your agents jump in, only when they are needed, through a seamless chatbot to human handover.

Customer Support
chatbot automation

"The chatbot is truly well integrated with our internal processes. Our sales team and marketing teams are really happy with the over 50,000+ MQLs that the bot is generating organically."

Chandradip Paitandi
DGM - Marketing

Floor Queries

Handling floor queries

Let your representatives distribute their workload by employing manufacturing chatbots to engage your employees, as well as answer all their questions effectively and swiftly.

To answer complex queries, let chatbots seamlessly handover to human agents.

Product Recommendation

With so many SKUs to choose from, manufacturing chatbots can assist in shortlisting and making purchase based decisions.

Historical data coupled with the power of Machine Learning helps the bot understand the customer’s persona and suggest just the right product.

Product Recommendation

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