Offer Instant Resolution with a Customer Support Chatbot

No customer would like to wait for a query resolution. With i-genie’s customer support automation solution, your bots handle all mundane queries and human agents step in only to deal with the most complex problems.

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On average, a i-genie customer sees the following results each year


Query resolved automatically


Agent hours saved


CSAT Rating


Support costs saved

Eliminate long wait times with instant support

Can we agree that most support queries are mundane and repetitive? With our FAQ Builder, train and build a knowledge base of such queries so that the bot instantly resolves those for which it knows the answer to. As a result, your agent productivity skyrockets.

Automating your Customer
Support with i-genie

Bring in your agents only when human assistance is needed

Your skilled customer support agents resolve high-value inquiries that benefit from that human touch. This helps your customer support department improve their agent productivity and morale.

Agent Productivity

How Businesses have used i-genie to Scale their Support

Ozone Wallcam Ozone Logo

How Ozone Wallcam decreased their service time by 80%

Fast Growing Eat Easy Logo

UAE's fast-growing startup Eat Easy scaled their support to handle 250K queries with i-gennie

Live Customer Service Chat MLS Chatbots

TheMLS implements smart scalable chatbots with i-genie

Speak in the language your customer does

Delivering a top-notch customer service experience does not have to be expensive and premium. Using i-genie's easy to use no-code bot builder, configure your customer support bot in a multilingual format to make support truly personalized.

ACE all areas of your Customer Support

Answering FAQs

Answering FAQs

Automate answering repetitive Q&As with a FAQ chatbot equipped with a smart knowledge base.

Collect CSAT

Collect CSAT

Collect customer satisfaction surveys from your customers to improve the CX.


Create Tickets

Facilitate customers to raise service tickets in real-time to your favorite ticketing systems.

Increased Revenue

Increased revenue

With the personalized engagement that outbound bots offer, you will find a higher volume of your prospects performing the intended call-to-action, driving more revenue.

Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips

Suggest multiple methods of resolving issues to help your customers succeed.


1:1 Interactions

Using our live chat, provide human assistance to your customers for that personal touch.

Integrations make Customer Support powerful

Integrate with your favorite support systems like ticket management, CRMs, and internal systems to get data flowing on i-genie’s customer support solution.

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