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It's easy to build bots, but hard to get the desired results. This is where i-genie steps in, providing a done-for-you service. We build a pipeline of qualified leads, automate your support, without increasing headcount with our no-code chatbot platform.

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Live Chat Customer Service Software

Boost your leads with meaningful conversations. Qualified lead generation
made easy.

How can chatbots help grow your business?

Chatbots are built by you for a specific purpose, from scaling your lead generation or customer support to generating more appointment bookings. Your business can leverage the power of bots by having multiple bots, each built for a specific purpose.

Live Customer Service Chat

Automate lead generation

Boost your lead generation with bots that qualify prospects and create leads in your CRMs, all at scale.

Customer Support Chat

Scale your support

Scale your customer support with a bot that answers mundane queries, creates tickets, and fetches ticket status.

Intercom Live Chat

Answer FAQs

Eliminate manual and mundane tasks of answering repetitive customer support queries with FAQ bots

Customer Support Chat Service in UK

Your personal HR

Get your personal HR assistant to answer anything and everything HR - like leave balance, feedback gathering etc

Website Chatbot

Booking more appointments

Get more appointments booked by a smart chatbot that gets all the qualifying questions answered

Best Live Chat Software for Small Business

Financial Assistant

A finance wizard capable of answering queries about your company finances, and accounting with quick a TAT

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CEO Clef Inc

Ajit Cliford

CEO Clef Inc

5 star

I feel they have very competent project management team.

CEO SmartAi

Chris Johnston

CEO SmartAi


Their product is good and we enjoy the easy of use!


John Smith


5 star

I was impressed with how quickly

CEO Prdara Inc

Jack Li

CEO Prdara Inc

5 star

A Made-in-UK Chatbot made by a passionate set of people

Conversational Marketing Made Easy

Leverage our combined expertise and experience in building thousands of bots, along with our easy to use tools ranging from the signature no-code bot builder, chatbot analytics dashboard, live chat agent console and more.

UK Chatbot Platform

Done-For-You Service

Our team takes care of building your custom chatbot and conversational marketing user journeys, with their experience of deploying over 3000+ custom bots

Zendesk Live Chat

Crystal Clear Pricing

Don’t get penalized for growing. We don’t increase pricing as your business grows after a certain point, nor do we put a cap on the number of conversations or contacts

Chatbot Integration

Automation + Human Touch

Boost your sales and customer service with not just a bot, but a fully equipped live chat agent console. Let your team jump in - only when they are needed.

Build Conversational Experiences with our No-code Chatbot Builder

Remember building structures using legos? Yeah, it really is that easy! With a simple drag-and-drop interface, the bot builder makes it a breeze to architect personalized conversational experiences, across the customer life cycle.

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Chat Widget For Website

Get Insights with Analytics Dashboard

Know your users, and lead with data. Visualize key metrics, build a deeper understanding of your customers, and make smarter decisions with your chatbot analytics dashboard.

Analytic Dashboard
Live Chat For Website

Manage Conversations using Live Chat

Have a birds eye view of all the conversation being handled by the chatbot in real-time. Manually take a human handover of conversations which you think would need a personal touch.

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