Top AI Image Upscalers and Enlargers in 2023

An excellent method to enhance and resize your images is with an AI picture and upscaler service. Researchers estimate that over a trillion photographs are taken every year. Digital photos enrich everyone’s lives, but those in specialized fields, such as journalism and social media, depend on picture upscaler programs.

Using high-quality images is a certain way to get people’s attention. However, most online photos could be more focused and of better quality. Artificial intelligence has greatly improved picture upscale technology in the last several years, making it far easier to convert low-resolution photographs into high-quality professional images.

Some of the best AI-powered photo enhancers and upscalers are as follows:

AI Image Enlarger

With the help of AI Image Enlarger, a user may automatically expand and enhance low-resolution images without reducing image quality. The maximum file size is 5 MB, and the full image resolution is 1200×1200 in JPG or PNG format. The AI Image Enlarger toolbox uses fast and advanced AI technology to increase image resolution without decreasing quality. It uses a customized and enhanced upscaling algorithm to bulk upscale images rapidly.

VanceAI Image Upscaler

Another excellent AI image enhancer, VanceAI, comes with several features that can be quite helpful. Second, you may use the 8x AI image upscaler to make low-resolution photographs seem better. The application has an artificial intelligence anime upscaler that can multiply your little anime images by up to 16x. VanceAI Image Upscaler also includes several basic safety features. For instance, after 24 hours, your processed images are permanently deleted. Like the other recommended programs, this one simplifies the process of enlarging images. A picture must be uploaded, the right AI model selected, and the desired upscaling factor chosen before the procedure can begin.


Remini is a web-based picture editing program driven by deep learning and AI. Using advanced algorithms that recognize faces, colors, and other aspects in your photographs makes the required adjustments to improve their look. Editing is a breeze using Remini, even for basic tasks like cropping, resizing, and adjusting brightness and contrast. However, if you want to maintain the updated photos from Remini, you’ll need a subscription.

Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is an online artificial intelligence photo upscaler that successfully brings low-resolution images up to 4K resolution. Colors are enhanced, missing textures and details are recovered, compression is done away with, and more, thanks to the program’s AI techniques. Using the Let’s Enhance feature, your photo might be magnified sixteen times larger. This is yet another straightforward AI photo enhancer. With AI, Let’s Enhance can effectively remove noise and other image flaws, resulting in high-quality, detailed images. Simply dropping the image onto the webpage will initiate upscaling with the free application version.


The availability of several AI-based picture enhancers is not hidden. However, Fotor is the tool to efficiently, rapidly, and online (no download required) upsize photographs. Fotor is an all-in-one picture editor that allows you to do anything from retouching portraits to creating custom graphics for your Instagram posts. The AI Image Upscaler is only one of many helpful features. Just drop your photo here, and it will be fixed instantly.

Gigapixel AI

Topaz Gigapixel AI is a comprehensive set of tools for enhancing photos with AI. This software does more than upscale your photos; it also removes noise and shakes. Image sharpening is another possible use. The program takes advantage of cutting-edge advances in AI photo processing. Thus, the results are reliable. Gigapixel’s AI for image processing was trained with the help of millions of photographs. It is, therefore, equipped to understand concepts like noise and blur. Due to its considerable training, this tool can handle such objects. Gigapixel allows you to fake the use of a tripod in handheld photographs.


If you’re looking for an anime-specific picture upscaler, Waifu2x is yet another fantastic option. Despite focusing on anime lovers, the program is flexible enough to utilize other images. The software uses neural networks to improve the quality of the photos it processes. Waifu2x removes noise when magnifying photographs, or you may paste in the URL of the image you want to shrink. You can skip the step of downloading the file and importing it manually. When Waifu2x sees the URL, it may begin the process and steal the image.


Your images might have added additional characteristics using AI technology without losing any of the original image’s nuances. Upscale is a method developed by artificial intelligence that safely boosts image resolution. Upscaling your photo to a maximum of four times its original size is possible. One of Upscale’s most useful functions is the elimination of JPEG artifacts. Damage and pixelation can be introduced to a JPEG image by repeated editing and saving. This Artifacting process may cause your photos to look hazy. Upgrading means less squishing and rounded corners.

YouCam Enhance

If you’re seeking an artificial intelligence picture enhancer in 2023, YouCam Enhance is your best bet. Using image denoising, sharpening, and color improvement, YouCam Enhance can quickly improve the quality of any shot. YouCam Enhance eliminates the need to adjust for poor image quality manually. To have your photo appear professionally on the site, you must upload it. YouCam Enhance is an adaptable program for modifying photos on desktop computers and mobile devices. Unlike many other picture editing services, YouCam Enhance doesn’t have you sign up beforehand. This method might help you save time and get better pictures. JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF are some image formats that may be edited using YouCam Enhance.

Deep Image AI

Deep Image AI may run on either Windows or Mac. Using Deep picture AI, online picture editing is a breeze. Image editing on a mobile device is straightforward. Remember that the maximum resolution for upsized images on this platform is 5000 pixels by 5000 pixels or 25 megapixels. This cap affects both registered and guest users. To start upscaling an image, all it takes is to upload it to Deep Image AI and click a few buttons. It employs complex AI algorithms to generate realistic photos while upscaling. The tool’s application programming interface (API) may appeal to programmers since it allows the scaling tool to be integrated into other programs.


It just takes a few seconds for photographs to be upsized 16 times using Cre8tiveAI. It’s a great choice for enhancing snapshots before they’re printed. The images are scaled up without any loss of quality thanks to the program’s usage of deep learning. Compared to the traditional approach, which uses stretching and center interpolation, the picture upscaler tool substantially improves. The AI can learn high-resolution photos from low-resolution images, producing high-quality shots.


The problem of blurriness in anime drawings and images may be alleviated with the help of the great application BigJPG. It’s a new artificial intelligence upscaler that works well with anime photographs and doesn’t reduce image quality. The process enhances various attributes, from edges and details to colors. Remember that the maximum image size that may be upscaled using the tool is 3000 by 3000.

Pixbim Enlarge AI

Pixbim Expand AI, which uses machine learning techniques, may improve the resolution of your photos without compromising on quality. There is a wide range of devices on which this program will run. Pixbim can automatically fix missing pixels by analyzing the image and making an accurate forecast based on that analysis. When you increase the size of an image, some of its details may be enhanced mechanically. There is no subscription needed to use the tool. However, there is a one-time cost.

AI Sharpener Scaling

AI Sharpener Scaling is a free photo enlargement tool that utilizes cutting-edge scaling technology and the best AI image enhancer and upscaler programs available today. The software allows for a maximum quality-maintained image enlargement of 400%. The approach used by AI Sharper Scaling also works well for correcting lens distortion, perspective shifts, and rotations. Keep in mind that AI Sharpener Scaling is only compatible with Microsoft Windows.


The Upscaleics AI picture enhancer is another user-friendly option. After uploading your photo and making any required modifications, you can sit back and let AI do the rest. Once again, the simplicity of Upscaleics is its strongest selling point. If you only need to edit a few photos, it’s a quick and easy solution. You have more control over the final product than you would with most other applications. Your file’s resolution and compression rate are both within your control.


PicWish is an AI-powered online photo editor that uses powerful algorithms to quickly and easily fix blurry images. It also has powerful noise reduction, color correction, and picture enhancement capabilities. The straightforward and natural UI makes it accessible to anybody.


BeFunky (AI) is a great alternative to Photoshop if you want to edit photos online with the help of artificial intelligence. It has an automatic enhancement feature that may quickly improve any image with a single click. In addition, it has special filters and frames that may give your photos a one-of-a-kind look.

StockPhotos Upscaler

This AI-powered photo upscaler is as simple to use as it is powerful, with the potential to improve image quality by a factor of 8—upscale three images at no cost. With one simple click, you can give your photos stunning professional effects by enhancing their clarity, smoothness, and contrast. The original texture of the image is preserved even after being scaled up, and batch processing is available. Also, this program has an in-built functionality called social media cropping, which is great for resizing your photos to meet the specifications of various social media platforms.

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