Rosalyn Unveils StableSight AI to Combat Rising Online Exam Cheating

Amid the growing complexities of academic dishonesty in online education, Rosalyn has introduced StableSight, an advanced AI system crafted to counter cheating methods, encompassing generative AI and organized cheating rings during online exams. The surge in demand for professional certifications, driven by a significant wage gap between credentialed and non-credentialed workers, has intensified the need for robust anti-cheating measures in online testing environments. StableSight, with its innovative features and proactive approach, aims to address this issue, providing a fair testing environment while prioritizing fairness, accuracy, and test-takers’ rights.

StableSight is a comprehensive AI-driven solution that goes beyond conventional anti-cheating measures. It features a gaze-tracking model capable of detecting secondary screens, a prevalent method employed by individuals attempting to cheat during exams. The Keyboard Correlation Model adds an extra layer of security by predicting typed text through keyboard sound analysis, thwarting attempts to use concealed devices for dishonest purposes. The platform’s approach involves identifying suspected cases of cheating and escalating them to human reviewers, underscoring a commitment to fairness and accuracy in assessing test-taker behavior.

The team emphasized the evolving landscape of online education and examination, noting that generative AI has presented new opportunities for cheating, potentially triggering a network effect. StableSight has been meticulously crafted to counteract traditional forms of cheating and the complex challenges posed by generative AI and organized cheating syndicates. Rosalyn has introduced an invite-only gamified portal to demonstrate its efficacy, allowing individuals to test their cheating detection skills against StableSight through 20 recorded exam sessions.

The platform’s AI proctoring services have garnered recognition from notable organizations, including the U.S. Department of Defense, Coursera, Stripe, Nexford University, Dominican University, and Missouri Baptist University. With a focus on maintaining the integrity and credibility of certifications and degrees, Rosalyn believes that AI is vital in enhancing security by continuously updating and learning to detect new cheating methods.

In light of the reported surge in cheating incidents, especially in online testing scenarios, Rosalyn’s proactive approach aligns with the demand for stringent anti-cheating measures. A 2022 academic study revealed that 35% of undergraduate business students admitted to cheating during online tests amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Collaborative research by Rosalyn and a language testing partner demonstrated StableSight’s effectiveness in identifying cheating rings among test-takers.

To address concerns about potential bias and false flags generated by AI proctoring platforms, Rosalyn emphasizes a balanced approach. StableSight leverages both human and artificial intelligence, combining advanced algorithms with human proctoring to enhance accuracy in detecting online cheating. This integration ensures that interventions in test-taking scenarios are implemented only when necessary, preventing unwarranted consequences for test-takers.

As the demand for remote proctoring continues to rise, Rosalyn acknowledges the need to make their systems more transparent and user-friendly, reducing perceived invasiveness while maintaining effectiveness. The central aim is to establish a harmonized ecosystem where technology elevates the online testing experience, preserves the integrity of online credentials, and prioritizes student privacy and comfort. StableSight emerges as a pioneering solution in the battle against online exam cheating, marking a significant step towards fair and secure online education environments.
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