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Clipdrop has recently launched its new tool, “Uncrop,” in its suite of exciting AI-based image processing tools. Uncrop uses its foundational model Stable Diffusion XL, a state-of-the-art text-to-image AI model.

Uncrop specializes in image outpainting and extensively uses and relies on AI to change the dimensions of an image with content-aware outpaint fills, which tries to mimic the natural light and adjustment of the source image.

Image outpainting is the process of image adjustment where AI is often used to change the dimensions of an image so that it fits in a specified layout without looking gimmicky. When the photo provided is small for the output measurements needed, AI inspects the image and its composition and, with the help of generative models, tries to “paint” the remaining parts to be covered or filled.

This simple-looking tool is solving a lot of problems and, in fact, bottleneck issues in the content industry. As you are aware, most social media platforms require different dimension images in different places; it can be ad campaigns, banners and posters, or even any digital image you put out. There is heavy spending on the workforce, which costs a lot of time and money for these agencies and individuals to create and scale across multiple platforms. Uncrop by Clipdrop solves the exact problem with one click, saving time and money, and helps to garner the reach every brand and individual desires in this digital era.

Here are some samples created with the Uncrop. This technology is available for free use and is almost real-time, again one of its best features. Less model inference time is always needed to scale up.

There is, although, one thing to notice, Uncrop works miraculously well on images that are in good resolution and contain fewer objects and noise. In contrast, ideas that are a bit low grade with many things happening may need to be more accurate. For those, the company is working towards solving them and hopes to tackle them.



As you can see in image 1, the lower part of the image has been outpainted in a photo-realistic manner with various options.

Image 2, on the other hand, would need some rework, but it provides a place to start from, which can save some time in post-production.

Clipdrop, by Stability AI, aims to solve most of the issues faced by all content creators across the globe and is determined to provide generative AI services to them without the hassle of all the technical overhead and expenses to maintain such technology in-house. With a diverse range of tools such as Background remover, relighting images, image upscaling, generating an image from the text prompt, uncrop, and even a text remover from the picture, it won’t be wrong to say they provide almost every service needed by the content creator. It all comes packaged as an API service, making it easy to integrate and use.

Their use cases vary from Content creation, real-estate design modelings, and automobile industries to all advertising agencies.

Recently we have been seeing a lot of influx of technologies in this particular use case. Meta’s AI sandbox is a classic example of such a business problem.

While the work done by Uncrop stays quite impressive in production quality and time elapsed to complete it, it still faces fierce competition from big giants such as Meta and Adobe. Adobe, too has launched generative AI features known as “generative fill” integrated into their new versions of existing products such as Photoshop, which are extremely powerful even in spot filling and object generation. It will be interesting to see how Stability AI evolves to meet the customer’s expectations and how strong competition will shape the future of the products they are set to release. 

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