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In an amazing set of events, Vetu, a luxury smartphone brand, dropped their new project integrating ChatGPT into their new upcoming devices, MetaVertu. This news made headlines on April 24 and was reported by an authoritative Chinese media outlet Jinsefinance. This turn of events and a breakthrough development made it into the market just before Apple’s highly anticipated launch of ChatGPT on the App Store on May 19.

Vertu is a premium smartphone manufacturing company that Nokia formerly owned. They claim to provide the best class experience and service to the users. Although they don’t offer any major technological advancement in terms of hardware, they claim to have best-in-class encryption, global GSM sim coverage, a best-in-class camera, and other general features, along with one unique feature that comes along with a concierge service entitlement. Driven by the philosophy of “If you can spend $20,000 on a watch, then why not on your smartphone,” they aim to cater to the elite class better regarding their cellular needs.

MetaVertu is now integrated with ChatGPT, which will introduce an unwitnessed and unparalleled user experience, offering a wide range of features and benefits that puts it ahead of all the competition. Unlike Apple’s app store, where you have to pay a subscription fee of $19.9, MetVertu has decided to give out free access to chatgpt and applications based on that. The company is claiming the affordability factor as its unique selling point for users searching for an exceptional AI-powered conversational experience.

When a user access ChatGPT on the MetaSpace platform, that user can gain access to a comprehensive set of functionalities. The ChatGPT app, known as V-GPT, enables seamless one-click login and unrestricted conversations at no cost (as opposed to all the other paid models on different platforms), and it also supports voice input for user queries. Not only that, but users can also engage in dialogues with various AI personalities such as AI Buddha, a comic, or even a dream interpreter, which supports how versatile and entertaining, conversational experience they are set to deliver.

MetaVertu has laid out some ambitious plans for what they aim and visualize for the future post the chatgpt integration. They are counting on the new release of ChatGPT4, which will introduce new custom AI roles and lead to the creation of personal AI gigs tailored to suit every user on a personal level. The company plans to integrate voice chat capabilities and deploy various tools for various scenarios. These tools will include an emotional assistant for managing emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and blame shifting; an efficiency expert offering reporting, OKR (Objectives and Key Results) composition, and translation tools; and a copywriting genius specializing in marketing and everyday written content.

What is worth noting is that Vertu disclosed all of this information related to ChatGPT integration on April 24, significantly before May 19, demonstrating a significant and visionary commitment to pioneer AI integration and redefine the smartphone landscape.

In conclusion, Vertu’s integration of ChatGPT into their latest MetaVERTU smartphone series has initiated a new age of conversational capabilities. The affordability, versatility, and customization offered by MetaVERTU make it unique. Since it is leading the race of AI integration with smartphones, this move has positioned Vertu as a pioneering force driving the AI-integrated smartphone market. With its ambitious plans for future updates and tools, it would be interesting to see how it evolves.

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