Google Cloud Commits to Protect Customers for Generative AI Indemnific …

In a forward-looking move, Google Cloud has reaffirmed its dedication to its customers’ interests, positioning them at the forefront of a journey characterized by shared innovation, support, and fate. This means that when businesses choose to partner with Google Cloud, they embark on a collaborative expedition that prioritizes the latest and best technology, all while safeguarding their safety and security. In the ever-evolving realm of generative AI, this commitment takes on paramount importance.

Earlier this year, Google Cloud integrated Duet AI, an always-on AI collaborator, across its suite of products, spanning from Google Workspace to Google Cloud Platform. This monumental stride was coupled with significant advancements to Vertex AI, affording customers the ability to experiment and construct with generative AI foundation models in a safe, secure, and responsible manner. The outcomes have been nothing short of remarkable, with innovative use cases emerging from a diverse array of industries.

One pivotal aspect addressed by Google Cloud is intellectual property indemnity in the context of generative AI. The company acknowledges the potential legal risks customers may encounter, particularly in instances where copyright challenges arise. In response, Google Cloud has devised a groundbreaking, two-pronged approach that sets a new industry standard. This approach aims to provide customers with a greater sense of security and confidence when deploying generative AI products.

The first prong centers on Google’s use of training data. While this indemnity is not a new protection, it underscores Google Cloud’s unwavering commitment to standing behind its services. It extends to all services, including generative AI offerings, and serves as a third-party intellectual property indemnity standard for all customers. This assurance addresses any allegations asserting that Google’s utilization of training data for generative models infringes upon a third party’s intellectual property rights. In essence, this indemnity serves as a powerful safeguard, ensuring that regardless of the training data underpinning the services, Google unequivocally indemnifies its customers.

The second prong introduces a layer of protection relating to the generated output, crafted by customers in response to prompts or inputs they provide to Google’s services. This additional indemnity fortifies the customer’s position by extending the indemnity obligations to allegations of intellectual property rights infringement pertaining to the generated output. This protection encompasses a range of Google Cloud services, including Duet AI in Workspace, Vertex AI Search, and other components. It assures customers that Google will stand by them in the event of third-party IP claims, including copyright, assuming responsible AI practices are adhered to.

These dual indemnities represent a robust shield for Google Cloud customers. They provide coverage against potential claims, including copyright infringement, emanating from both the generated output and Google’s use of training data to craft generative AI models. By introducing these comprehensive protections, Google Cloud aims to offer a balanced and practical solution for relevant types of potential claims. Importantly, customers will automatically benefit from these terms without the need for any amendments to their existing agreements.

This marks just the initial step in Google Cloud’s ongoing commitment to supporting customers on their shared journey into the realm of generative AI. With these safeguards in place, businesses can harness the power of generative AI for their operations with confidence, knowing that Google Cloud has their back, come what may.

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