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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the ability to target and retarget audiences with precision is not just an advantage; it’s the backbone of successful advertising campaigns. 

Yet, this critical component of digital strategy faces unprecedented challenges. The rise of ad blockers, stringent privacy regulations, and the gradual phasing out of third-party cookies are creating significant obstacles for advertisers on platforms like Facebook. 

These hurdles compromise the effectiveness of tools such as the Facebook pixel, long relied upon for tracking website visitors and refining ad targeting strategies.

Enter our Website Visitor ID X-Ray pixel: Whether the Facebook pixel is blocked or third-party cookies are rendered obsolete, our tool ensures that your ad targeting remains not only viable but exceptionally precise. 

How? By identifying 20% of your anonymous web visitors. These contacts are easily synced back to Facebook to build super powerful retargeting and lookalike audiences (that are way more effective than what Facebook was providing). 

This blog post will delve into the synergy between our innovative product and Facebook ads, a pairing we believe is a match made in heaven. 

We’ll explore how our tool not only complements but significantly enhances Facebook ad performance by enabling advertisers to build powerful retargeting and lookalike audiences. Join us as we unveil how to turn the challenges of today’s digital advertising landscape into opportunities, ensuring your campaigns reach their full potential.

What happened to digital ad targeting?

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What happened to digital ad targeting? 

In today’s digital marketplace, the precision of ad targeting plays a pivotal role in the success of online advertising campaigns. For platforms like Facebook, this precision hinges on the ability to track user interactions, preferences, and behaviors across the web. However, the landscape of digital advertising is undergoing a seismic shift, presenting advertisers with a series of unprecedented challenges.

The Rise of Ad Blockers

One of the most significant hurdles to effective online advertising is the growing use of ad blockers. With more users installing ad-blocking software to enhance their browsing experience, the ability of businesses to track user activity and serve relevant ads is severely compromised. This trend not only diminishes the reach of advertising campaigns but also impacts the accuracy of targeting, leading to decreased engagement and conversion rates.

Privacy Regulations and the Phasing Out of Third-Party Cookies

Privacy concerns have led to stringent regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States. These regulations restrict the use of personal data for advertising purposes, making it challenging for advertisers to personalize their campaigns.

Compounding this issue is the industry-wide move away from third-party cookies. Major browsers are phasing out support for these tracking mechanisms in favor of protecting user privacy. This shift marks a significant turning point for advertisers who have long relied on third-party cookies to gather insights into user behavior and preferences.

Limitations of the Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel, a critical tool for tracking conversions, optimizing campaigns, and building targeted audiences, is also feeling the pressure. With the advent of privacy-focused browser features and extensions that block tracking scripts, the effectiveness of the Facebook pixel is waning. Advertisers are finding it increasingly difficult to capture the full spectrum of user activity on their websites, leading to incomplete data and less effective ad targeting.

The Convergence of Challenges

These challenges are not isolated incidents but part of a broader transformation in the digital advertising ecosystem. Ad blockers, privacy regulations, and the decline of third-party cookies are converging to create an environment where traditional methods of tracking and targeting are becoming less effective. This shift demands innovative solutions that can navigate the new landscape while respecting user privacy and delivering on the promise of precise, effective ad targeting.

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Using Restore from to Supercharge Facebook Ads

These obstacles have been causing digital advertisers heartburn for years. Our Restore tool, powered by our Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel, is a powerful solution that provides better results than advertisers could generate even in the halcyon days of 2014! 

In other words, say goodbye to the Tums! 

So, how does it work? 

Our Website Visitor ID X-Ray tool identifies your visitors

The first step is installing our pixel on your website. This process is just like installing the Facebook pixel except for one thing: after ours is installed, it works way better! 

The Facebook pixel is blocked by Chrome, iOS, Safari, and other browsers. Ours isn’t! Our tool will identify 20-25% of your website visitors. This information includes: 



Landing Page

Time on Page

And more! 

Send Everyone Identified to Facebook Ads

Retargeting and Lookalike audiences are great tools because they’re a very safe landing spot for users who aren’t yet high-intent buyers. 

You can build a relationship with them through digital advertising and eventually put them in an email nurture campaign and turn them into a lifetime customer! 

Build Targeted Ad Campaigns for Users 

Even better than general retargeting is product-specific retargeting! 

Imagine, for example, that you sell both Yellow Shirts and Blue Hats insurance. 

Yyour X-Ray data shows you which page they landed on, you can get more specific! 

This means that you can segment them!

So you can show yellow shirt-specific ads to the yellow shirt folks and blue hat-specific ads to the blue hat crew! More personalization is always better. 

Creating audiences like this is dead simple, too. 

In your account, navigate to your My Leads tab and click on “Audiences.” 

You’ll see a big list of all your contacts. Then select “Add FIlter.”

In the Attribute drop-down, select “Landing Page URL” and in the Operator drop-down select “Equals.” Paste the landing page URL in the Value section. 

Then just save it as an audience and you’re good to send it to your Facebook account! 

Why Restore Works

In the quest for precision and efficiency in digital advertising, our visitor identification tool not only presents a solution to the challenges outlined earlier but stands as a superior alternative to traditional methods, especially when it comes to data accuracy and comprehensiveness. This section delves into how our technology enhances Facebook ad campaigns by providing data that is more accurate and comprehensive than what Facebook alone can offer.

A More Comprehensive View of Your Audience

Beyond accuracy, our tool offers a more comprehensive understanding of your audience. By identifying 20-25% of website visitors that would otherwise remain anonymous, our technology uncovers a wealth of actionable insights that Facebook’s native tools cannot replicate. This broader dataset includes visitors who are typically lost due to ad blockers or privacy settings, providing a fuller picture of who your audience really is.

The data gleaned from our tool encompasses a wide array of visitor actions, preferences, and behaviors. This depth of insight allows advertisers to build richer, more detailed audience profiles. When used in conjunction with Facebook’s ad platform, it enables the creation of retargeting and lookalike audiences that are not just larger but more precisely tailored to match potential customers.

Enhancing ROI on Ad Spend

The combination of accuracy and comprehensiveness significantly impacts the return on investment (ROI) for your ad campaigns. With more precise targeting comes higher engagement rates, as your ads are more likely to resonate with an audience that has been finely segmented based on reliable data. This leads to better conversion rates and a more efficient use of your advertising budget.

Moreover, by expanding the pool of identifiable visitors, our tool allows for the optimization of ad spend across a wider audience without sacrificing relevance. Advertisers can confidently scale their campaigns, knowing that they are reaching out to potential customers with a high propensity to engage or convert, thanks to the depth and accuracy of the data provided.

Overcoming Facebook’s Limitations

While Facebook remains a powerful platform for digital advertising, its limitations in data collection and audience identification are increasingly apparent in a privacy-conscious world. Our tool fills these gaps, offering a complementary solution that bolsters Facebook’s targeting capabilities. By providing a richer, more accurate dataset, our technology not only overcomes the challenges posed by the digital advertising landscape but also sets a new standard for what advertisers can achieve when precision and privacy coexist.

These powerful tools give you a big leg-up on your competitors, stuck with Facebook’s bad data. See for yourself how many visitors we could identify for you here:

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