Best Live Chat Softwares in UK – 2023

There are many live chat software options available, and the “best” one for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Here are some popular options:

Zendesk Chat: This software allows you to engage with your customers in real-time and offers various features such as triggers, visitor tracking, and pre-chat forms.

Intercom: Intercom provides a suite of messaging-first products that enable businesses to communicate with their customers through every stage of the customer lifecycle. Intercom’s live chat feature is highly customizable, and it integrates with various third-party tools.

LiveChat: This software provides real-time chat support for websites and offers a range of features such as canned responses, file sharing, and chat reports.

i-genie: i-genie is an AI Powered software for businesses looking for a complete customer messaging platform. It offers a range of features, including live chat, targeted messaging, and chatbots.

Freshchat: Freshchat is an omnichannel messaging platform that enables businesses to engage with their customers across various channels, including website chat, email, social media, and more. This is a free live chat software that provides unlimited chats, group messaging, and chat history, and it integrates with various third-party apps.

Olark: A live chat solution with features like targeted messaging, visitor insights, and integrations with other tools.

Pure Chat: A live chat solution that’s easy to use and includes features like visitor tracking, chat history, and custom branding.

HelpCrunch: A messaging platform that includes live chat, email, and automation features, as well as a knowledge base and feedback tools.

Zoho Desk: A customer support suite that includes live chat, email, social media integration, and more.

These are just a few of the many great live chat software options available. Be sure to evaluate your specific needs and choose a solution that fits your budget, team size, and customer support goals.