Best AI Tools for Project Management (September 2023)

Notion AI

Thanks to its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, whether it’s blog entries, meeting agendas, or sales emails, Notion AI can help you create them fast and easily. Users may save time and write more quickly by tapping into AI’s boundless potential, allowing them to think more broadly and enhance their creative output. Notion AI handles the rough writing, giving users a head start on difficult paragraphs or whole pages. It’s useful for correcting spelling and grammar, translating text inline, and even creating poetry. Users may explore new avenues of thought, find new sources of inspiration, and witness the wonder of AI-powered content creation, all with the help of Notion AI. On November 16th, Notion AI will be released in alpha, and individuals on the waitlist will gain access in the order in which they signed up. In the early access period, Notion AI will not cost anything.


ClickUp is an all-inclusive project management solution that improves communication within and across groups of any size or industry. Because of its versatility and ease of use, ClickUp has quickly become the go-to product management solution for product creation and planning. It’s an adaptable platform with many ready-to-use product team templates for things like product planning, roadmaps, and new product releases. ClickUp’s flexibility and helpful features allow each team to modify the platform to their requirements and the subtleties of their process.


Ayanza is an artificial intelligence management platform concerned with the well-being and productivity of teams. It’s easy to navigate, and it comes with a wide variety of project management templates and a newsfeed board with chat functions so that you can stay in touch with your team through a social media-like stream of updates. Ayanza takes an innovative approach to artificial intelligence that can help you and your team achieve greater success. Ayanza’s AI integration improves team morale and open communication by facilitating ideation, speedy idea sharing, and deeper workflow comprehension. Ask the AI writer a question and receive an instant response with only a few words. Writing a bespoke report that is both informative and easy to complete has always been more complex. Reduce the stress in your life by doing any routine work swiftly.

Businesses may use, or Process Street to manage processes and improve efficiency. The system is driven by ChatGPT, which automates work on projects and boosts productivity. Collaboration is at the heart of this cutting-edge method of managing processes and tasks. Its main functions include project management, deliverable tracking, automated check-ins, enhanced data analytics, and routine job management. Slack, Zapier, and Trello are just a few project management apps that may be integrated with Process Street.

Project Planner

Cost management, project scheduling, reporting on task performance, and real-time communication are all made easier with Project Planner, a cloud-based project management software. Project Planner has grown in capability with the introduction of PAI, an artificial intelligence-driven software solution for managing projects. By automating the generation of tasks and documents, PAI facilitates teamwork. The hub is built to inform everyone involved in a project at every stage of its development, from team members to stakeholders to managers.

Project Insight (PI)

Project Insight (PI) is software for managing and reporting on a company’s projects and portfolios. PI gives your team access to project monitoring, resource management, and budget tracking thanks to its AI-powered project management tools and capabilities. The automated repetitious chores and optimized resource allocation are made possible by the AI-powered project management tools. While connectivity is not PI’s top priority, the platform does offer an interface with widely used apps like Trello, Slack, Jira Software, and Zendesk to facilitate smoother teamwork and better management.


Wrike, one of the best business resource and project management applications, simplifies workflow planning, resource allocation, data visualization, and team communication. Wrike’s skills in project management, blog post creation, and more have been bolstered by its new AI integration. Resource planning, Gantt charts, time tracking, task management, and performance reporting are some of the available project management tools. In addition, it works with more than 400 other programs to simplify the work of every sort of project manager. Wrike’s task management and collaboration capabilities may be adjusted to meet the changing demands of each team or project. Because of its flexibility and scalability, it may be used by both new and existing businesses for project management.


After over two decades in the market, the popular project management application Basecamp has begun integrating artificial intelligence (AI) project management into its platform. Basecamp offers several AI-powered capabilities to aid organizations of all sizes in project management, including task management tools, communication, reporting, and resource management. However, despite the addition of cutting-edge AI features, Basecamp’s dated user interface still needs to be improved. Despite its modernization, it still needs the basic capabilities seen in most current applications, despite its original intent as a to-do list.


Kintone is a cloud-based platform that may be personalized to facilitate managing your team’s activities, communications, and data. In essence, it’s a low-code platform on which to create unique business apps and processes. It’s not designed to be an AI platform but includes several AI-related capabilities that can simplify and speed up common processes. It will serve as a visual application builder, allowing users to transform static spreadsheets into interactive, user-specific databases without the need to learn any code. Workflows, databases, and apps may all be automated with the help of Kintone AI. Project management, customer relationship management, inventory tracking, and other pre-built apps are also available.


Hive is a cloud-based project management platform with AI-powered features that automate chores and optimize workflows to make project teams more productive. Hive’s AI technology, for instance, may aid with things like planning out projects, allocating resources, and prioritizing tasks. It can also aid in foreseeing problems and helping teams prepare for them. Adaptable project layouts, file sharing, and team chat rooms are just a few features that may streamline your operation. Additionally, many other applications may be integrated with Hive.


ProofHub is a software for keeping track of several projects and tasks in one place. It will be helpful for groups working toward similar goals or companies looking for a centralized center for project management. The sophisticated AI in ProofHub helps businesses and organizations save time and money by assisting with resource allocation and work prioritization. The AI monitors these critical metrics and notifies the appropriate parties when action is necessary. By generating in-depth reports on your projects with the aid of AI, ProofHub AI might help you save time. Consider automating routine processes like approvals or reports if you need more time to focus on your major PM duties. 


Monday is a unified workspace where you and your team can easily create and manage projects, tasks, and procedures. Features such as items, columns, groups, and boards make it easy to organize and delegate work in an agile manner, and the system’s customization options are practically limitless. Multiple AI-specific add-ons are available on Monday as well. However, it also has several automated and AI-enhanced capabilities. The product’s flagship AI feature, AI Sales, helps businesses increase revenue, locate new sales prospects, and optimize existing business processes based on user feedback. It allows companies to achieve their sales targets by providing them with actionable advice, automated processes, and accurate predictions based on data. 


You can let the AI-powered project management tool handle everything, or you can do it yourself by using the available daily templates and calendar sync features. When compared to competing AI software, BeforeSunset stands out because it lets you tailor your company’s everyday operations to meet your specific requirements. The program does more than simply help you keep track of your time; it also collaborates with you to design the ideal timetable. You can use the AI assistant to convert your business intelligence into actionable tasks, break down a massive project into manageable chunks, find the best time for your team to meet, and keep your weekly schedule up-to-date, all with the help of BeforeSunset’s AI-enabled project management system. Personal analytics, private task selection lists, time tracking, note taking, a searchable historical project view, visual verification, etc., are some additional features.


Trello is widely used because of its user-friendliness and its simplicity as a project management tool. While Trello may not have as many AI-powered features as some other apps, it does make use of AI to improve productivity and expedite the process of task management. Its user-friendly Kanban-style boards make monitoring the status of projects and individual tasks simple. The artificial intelligence (AI) behind Trello’s smart ideas analyzes past data to suggest changes to task allocation, due dates, and dependencies. Businesses of any size that need a straightforward and intuitive project management solution should look at Trello. It’s great for agile project management, keeping track of tasks, and keeping everyone on the same page.


Naav is a solution for managing projects that boosts productivity in teams and businesses. You can visualize your workflow and keep tabs on tasks with Naav’s Kanban board, create a list view of your tasks with the backlog, plot out your tasks’ timelines and dependencies with the roadmap, and monitor your team’s progress in real-time with a custom dashboard. Naav also has a wiki feature for building and organizing a knowledge base, a release feature for managing the delivery of finished work, a sprint feature for planning reasonable work times, and a custom board tool for letting users design their own boards with specified columns and processes. In addition to its intelligent task organization and lightning-fast search capabilities, Naav’s AI integration and default permission settings make it simple to manage users’ access.


Dart is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven project management application developed to streamline and automate project management. Dart’s GPT-4 technology allows teams to spend less time on administrative activities and more on real project work, saving up to a third of the time normally spent on project management. The platform’s streamlined interface and rich keyboard shortcuts make it ideal for productivity. Dart paves the way for teams to organize tasks, subtasks, and projects and seamlessly roll over sprint cycles with total freedom of action. In addition, Dart may be adjusted to accommodate the unique routines of different groups, hence improving coordination across departments and personnel. Dart also provides many connectors with common applications like email, Slack, GitHub, and Notion, allowing teams to collaborate effectively across devices without moving between applications.


Kypso is an AI copilot that helps teams manage and extend their operations across common technologies, making it a project intelligence platform that aids in the delivery of superior products. The software is designed to help groups overcome obstacles and achieve sustainable project success. Kypso provides a number of tools designed to improve productivity in teams and the overall delivery of projects. By doing so, crucial conversations may be recorded and resolved without any delays or missed chances. Kypso helps reduce scope creep and finish projects on time by spotting ambiguities in the plan early. Teams may keep stakeholders in the loop by regularly reporting on their progress on a predetermined timeline. Kypso’s adaptability is a major selling point. Each team’s demands in terms of operations may be catered to with this tool, making it much simpler for them to construct robust systems. Multiple tools can be integrated with Kypso, and more are on the way. Kypso guarantees the safety and management of user data in terms of security and privacy.


To that end, Moncelo has been developed as an AI-powered personal project management application. Users may measure their progress and release their imagination with the help of the tool’s AI-generated tasks. Moncelo’s project overview dashboard keeps customers apprised of the overall health of their projects and allows them to prioritize tasks accordingly. A lifetime membership to the tool costs $60 and grants access to infinite projects and upgrades, while a monthly subscription costs $5. All of the aforementioned features, including AI-generated tasks, an overview dashboard, unlimited projects, and a cancelation policy at any time, are standard across both plans. With artificial intelligence, the Moncelo platform seeks to make project management more efficient and effective.


Plexo is an open-source PMO that prioritizes cooperation and collaboration, making it ideal for today’s innovators. This system introduces a fresh method of collaboration by providing tools that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of project management. Since Plexo is open source, it may be modified to meet the requirements of different groups and companies. Users may easily create and manage projects, delegate responsibilities, establish due dates, and exchange files on this highly customizable platform. Plexo’s capacity to improve teamwork is one of its most valuable features. The platform’s built-in messaging functions facilitate team communication and ensure everyone is current on the project’s status. Plexo’s comprehensive analytics and reporting services are available with its collaborative features. Users may compile extensive reports on the quality of their projects and other important indicators, yielding useful information on the effectiveness of their teams.


By summarizing and keeping track of Slack communications and giving users crucial context when needed, the AI-powered project management assistant SolidlyAI helps cut unnecessary meetings and boost output. The primary goal of this application is to let its users focus on the work at hand while still receiving important notifications and information. SolidlyAI notifies team members when changes are needed, distributes personalized briefings to partner teams, and condenses messaging for end users. It also monitors incoming text messages, allowing users to silence interruptions by disabling alerts. By employing AI to keep tabs on the particulars and lessen the time spent playing catch-up, SolidlyAI helps teams overcome the challenge of constant interruptions from pings, meetings, and other sources. The tool aims to reduce interruptions and free users’ attention to concentrate on the task.

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