Best AI Tools For Music Production 2023

From the invention of new music to the design of album (or magazine) covers AI has already begun having a profound impact on the development and promotion of artists’ works. The advent of new AI production tools can greatly assist solo musicians, opening up new avenues of exploration and cutting down on production time. AI music technologies can generate new music through meta-analysis and recognize the patterns of track compositions by tapping into multiple neural networks. When given enough data, these technologies can learn to emulate individual practices in music and assist creators in creating original works.

Here are some of the best AI-based tools for music production:


Google has released a free AI music creator called Magenta Studio. It’s a collection of music production utilities that works on Windows and Mac computers and as a plugin for Ableton Live. With this toolkit, you can use Magenta’s neural network to turn a simple melody or riff into a full-fledged instrumental piece in whatever genre you like. The website’s layout is aesthetically pleasing and straightforward compared to competing designs. After downloading, you’ll choose between five programs: Continue is a music transformative tool that adds new sounds to an existing MIDI file. Drumify generates drum fills by assuming a melody or bass line. Generate is like a random-number-generator for music, thanks to its training on millions of songs. Groove examines a drum recording and adjusts the rhythm using Magenta, creating a more natural, ‘human’ sound. Last, there’s Interpolate, a composition that creates a sound to join two MIDI melody tracks together.


WavTool is an AI-powered program that gives music producers a free, web-based environment to work. The tool aims to provide high-quality music production with features including side-chain compression, sophisticated synthesis, and adaptable signal routing. WavTool also has Conductor, a function that offers simple English instructions for novices and provides assistance in the form of chord suggestions, beat creation, and melody generation. Since the AI can grasp concepts and offer suggestions, creating music is now effortless. WavTool evolves alongside its users, adding capabilities like plugin modification and signal routing to provide a full suite of tools for creating music. WavTool is a comprehensive program that allows its users to record, create, produce, mix, master, and export audio without downloading, installing, or updating any additional software. It provides users with a straightforward interface, requires no setup or waiting, and includes everything they need to start making music immediately. Everyone has free, unlimited access to the tool, and there are social media options for getting help and sharing ideas.


Boomy is an artificial intelligence-powered generative music platform where users can make their songs and share them via streaming services. The service ’empowers users by giving them a platform to gain knowledge and teach others and the opportunity to profit from their musical compositions once they have been shared with the world. The service utilizes complex AI algorithms to produce and modify music in various formats. Preset genres include Electronic Dance, Rap Beats, Lo-Fi, and Global Grove for users to select from. The digital audio workstation may adapt to the user’s tastes and provide unique sounds. The “seamless integration with a popular streaming platform” means that even amateur musicians can gain exposure to a global audience and perhaps monetize their work using the distribution option. Using a ‘bottom-up’ method to train the system to produce organic compositions from scratch, the AI employed for Boomy works remarkably well in avoiding the key hurdle of legality by not being taught copyrighted music.


AIVA is an artificial intelligence–driven music composer that can create custom scores from scratch. It’s made for people who like to think beyond the box, whether seasoned musicians or just starting in the video game industry. By harnessing the power of AI-generated music, AIVA shortens the time it takes for songwriters to develop engaging themes for their projects. The program provides songwriters with various musical possibilities, including modern cinematic, electronic, pop, ambient, rock, fantasy, jazz, sea shanty, 20th-century cinematic, tango, and Chinese-influenced composition. AIVA offers three different pricing tiers, allowing users to choose the best plan based on whether they are a person, a school, or a business. Users on the Pro plan are allotted 300 monthly downloads and can listen to tracks up to 5 minutes in length. With a Pro subscription, authors have unrestricted rights to distribute and profit from their works however they see fit. In sum, AIVA provides a clever and time-saving answer to the problem of original, personalized composition for content creators and composers.

Orb Producer 3

Producing high-quality musical patterns and loops has never been easier than with Orb Producer 3, a set of plugins powered by artificial intelligence. Orb Melody, Orb Bass, Orb Arpeggio, and Orb Synth are the four plugins in the suite. The Orb tune plugin gives you access to many melodic possibilities and a wealth of controls and customization options to help you find the ideal tune for your track. The Orb Bass module considers the song’s overall harmony and recommends the most effective bass lines. The Orb Arpeggio module is a powerful tool for creating unique arpeggios with various customization options. Orb Synth has tremendous reverb, delay, and a crunching drive, as well as two oscillators, two LFOs, an amplifier, and an envelope. The Polyrhythms engine allows you to make intricate rhythms, and Lyrical Melodies lets you add an anacrusis or pick-up note to a bar. Chaining blocks enable you to make one long musical composition and Keep Bass for Chords ensures the chord’s bass note stays at the bottom. Dozens of presets, advanced AI features, and a selection of tonalities and keys are also included in the suite. It’s compatible with a wide range of DAWs and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Soundful is an artificial intelligence (AI) music generation platform where producers and musicians may make as many songs as they like and get paid for them. It offers a novel and completely free method for creating music tracks at the push of a button. The platform uses machine learning to automatically create high-quality music in various styles, including EDM, Hip Hop, Latin, Pop, R&B, and Reggaeton. Soundful also provides a library of premade loops, samples, and song structures for users to use as inspiration when making their music. It lets people make money from their music on services like Apple Music, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Users can also generate unique licenses for their music and download stems. Soundful’s pricing is flexible, with a free forever plan and a premium subscription that unlocks extra capabilities for individual and business use.


Loudly’s AI Music Generator is a program that uses AI technology to let users make their music. The AI system can produce a new song in seconds, with the user only having to choose the genre and the desired length. This application’s stated goal is to facilitate and improve creative processes by automating music creation so that users may give more attention to other areas of video production or content development. In addition to the music generator, Loudly’s music library has several songs that may be licensed for one-time use in various media with a single purchase. The site has a straightforward search bar and easy navigation options to assist visitors in locating the perfect music for their tasks. In addition to the premade playlists, you can now use Loudly’s AI Recommender to get personalized music recommendations. The catalog is viewable on the website or via a mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. There is a free trial period, but after that, customers must pay a monthly fee to access all functions.

Ecrett Music

Using artificial intelligence, Ecrett Music is a music composition program that streamlines the process of making original music for media producers. It has a simple interface that requires no musical expertise on the user’s part. Ecrett Music offers its consumers over 500,000 unique melodic patterns each month. In addition, users can submit movies and make adjustments to the music’s instrumentation and structure to see if it’s a good fit. There are three pricing tiers on Ecrett Music: free, individual, and enterprise. The personal plan charges once a year and allows subscribers to download an unlimited amount of royalty-free music for use in commercial projects (like YouTube monetization). The annual fee for the business plan includes licensing for the business. If you want to ensure you’re using Ecrett Music properly, check out the Dos and Don’ts section. Use the music for hobbies, advertisements, weddings, paid content, gaming, etc. It is also forbidden to send or distribute music made with ecrett as a music format (even for free) or through a downloaded link, as well as to use the music in any way that could be construed as dangerous, sexual, or hostile. The developers of Ecrett Music are a diverse crew that includes musicians, composers, dancers, designers, and engineers.

AI Studio

HookSounds’ AI Studio is a program that lets anyone make their unique soundtracks for videos. The program’s automated solution can identify the ideal accompaniment to the film with just a few clicks, greatly streamlining the creative process. Subscribers to AI Studio will have access to the cutting edge of musical innovation made possible by AI. Users can send their films to AI Studio, automatically generating an original score. Remember that AI Studio is still in beta and may have bugs or functionality restrictions as a result. Users are urged to offer comments to improve the application. The studio aims to improve the creative process by allowing people to make original music for their videos quickly and easily. Using AI Studio; users can save time and energy when searching for the ideal soundtrack for their videos. Given the tool’s current beta status, however, its restrictions should be considered. In conclusion, video editors who want a quick and easy approach to developing original music tracks for their projects can benefit greatly from using AI Studio by HookSounds.


TuneFlow uses AI to provide a sophisticated environment for music creation. It’s made to help people of all skill levels make better music with less hassle. Users of TuneFlow have access to a suite of advanced AI tools for use at all stages of the music production process. Smart Composer provides users with pre-designed melodies and accompaniment tracks to jumpstart their music ideas; Smart Drummer is an AI-powered tool that automatically fills drum clips with preferred beat styles; Ultra-Clean Source Separator separates mixed audio tracks into individual vocabularies; and Voice Clone allows users to select and clone voices or generate their own.TuneFlow also provides top-notch audio transcription, which can convert recordings of vocals or instruments to MIDI notation. Users may quickly and easily create lo-fi hip-hop tracks with the One-Click Lo-Fi plugin. TuneFlow also has an active community of AI musicians who continually develop and share new AI models through the platform’s plugin market.TuneFlow Desktop supports VST, VST3, and AU plugins and provides access to the platform from any device with cloud-syncing capabilities.

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