Best AI Sales Assistant Tools for 2023

Artificial intelligence sales assistant solutions, often virtual sales assistants, aid sales representatives by automating various duties. Using these AI-powered sales tools, sales and marketing teams may spend less time on mundane chores and more time focusing on strategic initiatives. This entails more than just automating chats; it also involves screening through leads. Covid-19’s push toward online selling has made artificial intelligence sales assistants increasingly important.

There is some duplication of features between AI sales assistants and other types of sales analytics tools, chatbots, and AI applications. However, they are increasingly adept at automating routine sales procedures while providing valuable foresight. Let’s check out some of the artificial intelligence sales assistant apps.

Reaching out to people you need to learn is essential for finding new business leads and talent. However, locating relevant data about these prospects and writing an effective first email can be challenging. In this respect, shines. Using AI characteristics, assists with personalizing emails by filling in recommended touchpoints such as the prospect’s accolades, interests, work titles, and other information. It improves response rates, meeting bookings, and efficiency, allowing sales teams to devote more time to completing deals and less time to administrative activities.


Drift is a platform that shortens the sales cycle by speeding up the lead qualification process. It doesn’t need users to fill out forms or wait for a response, instead focusing on immediate interaction. Chatbots are at the heart of the sales assistant tool, allowing customers to get their queries answered and set up appointments with representatives. Integrating with other marketing tools and tailoring the experience to each visitor are two of the most important elements.

Dooly integrates with Salesforce, a widely used customer relationship management tool, to aid businesses. Dooly streamlines this procedure to save time waiting for the app to launch or switching between tabs. It’s a convenient way for teams to change several transactions simultaneously. Staying on top of your deals and their development is made easier with key tools like meeting notes, note templates, pipeline updates, and a task manager.


Troops is a tool that can be used with Slack and Microsoft Teams to automate notifications and other tasks. It uses AI to communicate with other sales tools like Salesforce. That way, your team may spend as little time as possible moving between systems. Signals are real-time messages about actions that affect income and are an important feature. Deal Rooms can centralize customer information in Slack and enhance team collaboration. Thanks to Command, every built-in tool can be edited with a single line of code.


TopOpps uses AI for many aspects of the sales process, including training and development, activity tracking, pipeline management, and forecasting. This eliminates many mundane, repetitive tasks that sales teams would otherwise have to deal with daily. For instance, management can avoid rash decisions about crucial sales KPIs thanks to accurate sales forecasting. Also, information such as appointments and other deal metrics may be captured automatically and uploaded to your CRM in real-time.

Lead qualification is simplified with’s AI interactions. The scheduling of meetings is automated as well. This frees up time that might otherwise be spent searching for downloads, allowing your account executives to better prepare for meetings with potential clients. Each prospect is interacted with by an AI bot at some stage. Depending on your preferences, it can send messages by text, email, or website. The meeting will be scheduled, and prospects will be primed to hear your sales pitch.

Engage consumers on any platform with a conversational interface reminiscent of WhatsApp with the help of In doing so, it hopes to transform CRMs from passive record-keeping tools into interactive channels for two-way communication between businesses and their customers. One of their services, called Tact Assistant, eliminates the need for your representatives to interact directly with customers. Tact Portal is an online hub where your customers interact with your business in a way tailored to the service they receive from you.


Sales teams need to record a lot of data regularly. The AI sales assistant tool SalesDirector records this information mechanically. Your managers can make informed decisions thanks to the analytics and insights provided by this system. In addition to Google Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau, Einstein, and MongoDB integration are key features. It also includes a historical trends section that can be used to inform analytics-driven strategy development.


Zoovu is an artificial intelligence (AI) based sales tool that assists buyers in locating certain products. It transforms your unstructured data into a more manageable, human-friendly interface. That way, those who visit your site can easily learn more about what you provide. Virtual assistants, and automated programs, are also included to help the user. The idea is to give your business a leg up on the competition by guiding potential customers through the preliminary stages of your sales funnel. was developed specifically for use with Salesforce. In particular, it speeds up the onboarding process for new representatives and boosts their profitability, allowing your sales staff to generate more cash for your business. Regarding marketing, can help you save time upfront by populating your contact list with qualified leads. This sales assistant app also includes sales forecasting, providing your management with an idea of what to expect in the future. You will know the requirement for more effort in the upcoming quarter.


ChatSpot is an artificial intelligence-driven chat platform that integrates with HubSpot CRM. The tool’s AI features facilitate a fluent conversation between users. The company states that its software is competitive with ChatGPT for HubSpot. DALL-E 2 powers the tool to respond to users more nuancedly based on their circumstances. ChatSpot’s primary goal is to supply a full-featured chat environment that can handle a variety of consumer interactions. It’s useful for tracking leads, assisting customers, and bolstering sales. The software is meant to work with HubSpot CRM, giving users one place to manage their customer interactions. Sign up for early access while the tool is still in public alpha.

If you want to make more sales, is your artificial intelligence sales assistant. It takes notes on your sales calls using NLP and then generates emails and tasks on the fly. The sales pipeline may be predicted, and the greatest prospects can be found with the help of Time-consuming sales tasks can be completely automated with the help of This will allow you to devote more time fostering connections with clients and securing sales. During sales calls, you can rest assured that you will remember everything thanks to’s AI-powered note-taking. As a result, your follow-up emails and presentations will be more precise and convincing. With, you can always see exactly where your sales are with their pipeline and opportunity management tools. Opportunity discovery and goal attainment tracking are both facilitated by this., an AI sales platform, can assist if you want to close more deals. It employs machine learning to help you find promising customers, vet potential leads, and monitor sales performance. Sales enablement tools are available on and can be used to make compelling sales presentations. Using to automate your sales processes can save you time. This will allow you to devote more time fostering connections with clients and securing sales. Lead scoring and qualification tools driven by AI are available on, allowing you to zero in on the most promising leads and maximize your sales potential. You may see the entire sales process laid out before you with its help. Opportunity discovery and goal attainment tracking are both facilitated by this.

Namora AI

With Namora AI, you’ll close more business. It takes NLP notes on sales calls and creates emails and tasks. Namora AI can anticipate the sales pipeline’s greatest chances. Namora AI can record sales calls. It then summarizes the call using natural language processing. Namora AI can produce action items and discover follow-ups. Namora AI automates sales operations to save time. You’ll have extra time to cultivate new clientele and close deals. You’ll remember a crucial meeting or sales call point again with Namora AI’s AI-powered note-taking. Thus, your follow-up emails and presentations will be clearer. You can see the full sales process with Namora AI’s pipeline and opportunity management. This aids in goal tracking and opportunity identification.’s AI automates sales prospecting for sales managers. Sailebots,’s patent-pending personality-driven AI bots, can curate leads, verify and engage decision-makers, and deliver actionable opportunities without human intervention. helps sales professionals save time, increase productivity, and close more business. This technology allows sales managers to prospect less and close more deals. Sales leaders may focus on completing deals since Sailebots automate prospecting. It can help sales managers increase output by automating regular tasks. It can also help sales managers close more deals. 


Pod AI assists B2B salespeople. It supports account executives’ pipeline management with GPT. AI playbooks help salespeople close deals faster by guiding them on which stakeholders to connect with and when. Pod centralizes CRM changes, account strategies, and notes. Only it combines artificial intelligence and chatGPT to streamline sales team procedures. Sales managers can now evaluate pipelines in minutes, saving time for training and development. Revenue operations teams can also accelerate sales rep onboarding and process compliance.

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