Best AI Plugins for WordPress (2023)

WordPress is just another area artificial intelligence (AI) has positively impacted. Yes! Much artificial intelligence (AI) WordPress plugins exist nowadays to facilitate the work of WordPress users. AI is assisting virtually every aspect of business, from advertising to content creation to customer service to virus detection.

While many WordPress AI plugins exist, not all are created equal in terms of service. To reiterate, only some plugins are perfect. The top WordPress AI plugins, together with their most important features, benefits, downsides, and costs, are outlined in this article.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the meat of the matter and become familiar with WordPress’s top artificial intelligence (AI) plugins.

WP AI Assistant 

With this one-of-a-kind plugin for WordPress, you can turn your website into a conversational interface powered by artificial intelligence. WP AI Assistant may email the admin with conversations, guide customers to relevant pages, and provide advice on making purchases. It’s compatible with WPML, so you can easily translate any custom AI content you create. 


An add-on for WordPress, Speaker turns text into synthesized speech. More than 235 voices in 40+ languages and variants are used to turn written text into human-sounding speech. It complies with the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) standard, allowing you to customize the voiceover for each blog post. You have full control over pauses, intonation, and the standard human number reading format.


The WordPress plugin Voiсer aims to make the text sound like a real person speaking it. The Google Cloud Platform forms the backbone of the plugin, guaranteeing its global availability and lightning-fast performance. More than 200 voices in 30+ languages and variants are available in the Voicer WordPress plugin, turning text into human-like speech. This simple plugin will allow you to provide superior support to your customers by simulating natural conversations with your consumers.


WordLift automates search engine optimization by scanning a website’s content, enriching it with structured data or schema markup, and submitting it to Google. To generate metadata, this plugin employs AI to recognize unique terms throughout the site. Users can manually select their preferred keywords and shape the appearance of the website’s knowledge graphs in the process. 


SEOPress is a plugin for WordPress that provides an intuitive interface for optimizing one’s site for search engines. SEOPress, in contrast to most other SEO plugins, is compatible with OpenAI. SEO metadata (meta titles and descriptions) are automatically generated by this function using AI analysis of the post’s content. Because it can be performed in bulk, it is ideal for optimizing large websites with hundreds of pages. Hopefully, with future editions of SEOPress, we will see more examples of how AI can enhance SEO, as the plugin’s authors have ambitions to extend AI usage.


To prevent spam comments from ever reaching the pending state, the WordPress development team at Automattic created Akismet. There are already more than five million active installations of this utility, and it has been shown to be particularly efficient against spambots. Akismet uses machine learning techniques to continuously enhance its performance after being installed on a WordPress site. Website administrators can review Akismet-caught comments and highlight spam comments that evaded the filtering system.

AI Engine 

Jordi Meaw’s AI Engine is a relatively new plugin, but it’s already garnering much attention. Users have praised the plugin’s originality and its seamless integration of AI with WordPress, and after 2000+ active installations on, it has received solely 5-star evaluations. You’ll need to generate an OpenAI key and enter it into the plugin’s configurations before you can use AI Engine. This enables you to equip your website with an advanced chatbot and content generator powered by cutting-edge OpenAI technology. 

Bertha AI

Bertha AI is one of the best artificial intelligence assistants made for WordPress users, and it uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. Once the plugin has been installed and activated, a new animated figure will display in all text windows across your site, including the WordPress editor. Every piece of content created by Bertha AI, from section headings to entire paragraphs, is saved so that it can be used again. Bertha AI’s ability to automatically generate product descriptions while recommending long-tail keywords and SEO description tags is one of its strongest features.


ContentBot is an additional content generator that makes use of the OpenAI GPT-3 NLP engine. Once the plugin is installed, new posts can be created without leaving the WordPress dashboard. It’s a fantastic method for bloggers to produce more placements in less time. ContentBot will rewrite your text once you’ve written a few phrases, asked it to continue, and deleted the sections you didn’t like. Thanks to the built-in plagiarism checker, all of the AI’s work will be completely original. 


This plugin provides a comprehensive method of interaction. Its purpose is to enhance the service provided to customer care on the website by introducing new ways of contact and increasing sales through pre-programmed chatbots. Using a simple drag-and-drop editor, chatbot templates may be easily customized or made from scratch. Tidio is a popular live chat plugin used by over 100,000 people and featured prominently on


GetGenie is an AI writing assistant made to hasten the production of unique, high-quality blog entries. The many available templates in this writing aid cover a wide range of frameworks, including AIDA, BAB, and PAS. In addition to displaying on-page SEO ratings for rapid content optimization, it offers helpful advice for making SEO-friendly slugs. The “Genie Mode” makes generating content based on user requests simple and provides thorough responses. Additionally, GetGenie has just released its chat platform, “GenieChat,” which may provide instant responses.

Link Whisper

When making internal links, Link Whisper is your best bet. While linking between interior website pieces is often overlooked, it can be crucial for user engagement and search engine optimization. The plugin’s AI-powered engine reads through your website’s text and makes contextual recommendations for you in a sidebar. Link Whisper also offers comprehensive reports on 404 problems and broken links.


Over a million users have downloaded the RankMath AI-powered SEO plugin. With its support, you can manage the indexed material and its visibility on search engines. Website content may be easily optimized with the help of multiple in-built suggestions, and users can gain insight into excellent SEO techniques in the process. RankMath’s well-considered design and set-up wizard make it accessible to anyone with no prior expertise using similar software.


The revolutionary AI code generator CodeWP was built and taught to write code exclusively for WordPress sites. It’s an effective and affordable alternative to spending time and money exploring StackOverflow for code solutions or paying engineers. CodeWP is a flexible tool for website owners and developers thanks to its support for PHP, JS, WooCommerce, and several popular WordPress plugins. In addition, CodeWP provides a large library of pre-made code snippets that can be imported into and used on websites immediately. This time-saving addition gives users a great place to begin while working with WordPress.


Quttera Web Malware Scanner should be placed on your WordPress site if you wish to protect it from malware, trojans, backdoors, worms, viruses, shells, spyware, and the like. The AI WordPress plugin not only aids in malware removal but also protects potentially harmful users by blocking their IP addresses. For these reasons, it has found widespread adoption in 32 different nations. 

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