Best 10+ Password Managers in 2023

The ability to remember even a single lengthy password is impressive. The human mind isn’t wired to create and remember dozens of complex passwords for each of our online accounts. Many people take the risky practice of using the same password for all their internet accounts since it’s easier to remember.

Criminals may crack a weak password as easily as they can remember it. A credential-stuffing attack targets users whose passwords have already been hacked to gain access to several accounts. You could broadcast your passwords for every service you use globally.

A password manager is a web-based tool that provides a secure vault for storing user names and passwords for various websites and services. A single master password grants access to the encrypted vault, where all of your other passwords are stored, and is all you need to know. The protected vault of a password manager service is typically accessed via a user-friendly online interface, mobile app, or browser plugin. 

Here are some of the best password managers to use


If you’re looking for a premium password manager that checks all the boxes regarding security, usability, transparency, cost, and convenience, then Bitwarden is a great option. For various reasons, Bitwarden is our top pick for password management. Bitwarden is the first choice since it is completely free, safe, and audited by independent cybersecurity organizations annually. Bitwarden is unique among competitors in a field where trust is crucial because of its commitment to complete openness. 


You need to go no further than 1Password if you want a password manager that syncs between devices and has additional features. 1Password’s new Travel Mode is ideal for freelancers, digital nomads, and business travelers. The 1Password password manager is reliable, secure, and packed with useful features. Operating systems like Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Brave all offer clean, intuitive user interfaces. The ability to have it autofill your information streamlines online shopping and account access. With a family plan, you and up to five close friends or relatives and five more guests can all use the same vault to store and access your valuables. It’s simple to disseminate both passwords and vault contents. Safely share items with those who aren’t using 1Password.


By the same people that brought you NordVPN (one of CNET’s top VPN selections) comes NordPass, a password management tool. Although Nord’s password manager is still in its infancy, the company has made significant improvements over the past year, bringing it to the industry standard and earning it a slot among our recommended password managers. If you’re already familiar with NordVPN or the rest of the Nord Security ecosystem and want a top-tier password manager, NordPass is an easy choice.


Keeper is a great option for households in search of either an offline vault or a cloud storage and dark web surveillance family membership. Keeper is a trustworthy, well-known password manager with an intuitive user interface, all the features you need, and some extras. Like the above password managers, Keeper allows you to sync your vault across unlimited devices. The service is not as cross-platform as other similar tools. Your locker is accessible via the web interface or native Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS apps with Keeper. Keeper features fewer browser extensions than other premium password managers, only supporting Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera. 


The Dashlane desktop software is incredibly user-friendly. The ability to reset many passwords at once is its main selling point. The password organizer is well-made, simple, and effective at completing web forms with your data. Email inboxes are also scanned to unearth forgotten web profiles. The expensive cost is the main downside of Dashlane. The yearly cost of the Premium plan is $60, or $78 if paid monthly. Dashlane’s free plan only supports one computer, but it can hold unlimited passwords.


If you’re looking for a trustworthy password manager, Bitdefender Password Manager is a steal at $20 for the first year and $30 for renewal. Bitdefender licensed the technology from SaferPass and integrated it into its Central web portal to speed up the launch of its new password manager. Bitdefender Password Manager is a user-friendly password manager compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS (but not Linux). This password manager still needs support for passkeys. However, this feature is on the roadmap. Bitdefender also provides browser add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.


Despite a significant decrease in the quality of its free tier, LastPass remains one of the best password managers due to its wide platform support, intuitive interface, and plenty of useful features. The free edition of LastPass no longer synchronizes between PCs and mobile devices but only between the former two. However, it still includes many of the same capabilities as the premium edition, including the ability to generate strong passwords and safely store an infinite number of them. The subscription edition includes dark web account monitoring, 1GB of cloud storage space, unlimited synchronization across all devices, and priority technical assistance. 


While the free desktop version of Enpass is powerful and has no storage limits, the free versions of the iOS and Android mobile apps have a limit of 25 passwords each. Even though Enpass simplifies the process, device synchronization is still required. Since Enpass lacks cloud-syncing capabilities, we recommend using Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or any similar service. (That could be viewed as a perk by some in terms of safety.) The desktop version of Enpass syncs locally with a mini-file server. It connects to adjacent Wi-Fi devices, which is especially useful for users concerned about their data usage. Using Enpass on a personal computer is a breeze because of the streamlined UI. The incredibly polished design went into creating these smartphone applications. Logins are performed with biometrics across the board. 


LogMeOnce eliminates memorizing a master password by storing all your credentials in an encrypted vault. A personal identification number (PIN), biometric data, or a photograph can unlock the safe. Because of this, LogMeOnce stands apart from other password managers. Aside from this one key difference, LogMeOnce functions similarly to its competitors. It provides end-to-end encrypted storage and synchronization of sensitive information like passwords and payment cards across many devices. It has more functions, like monitoring the dark web and cyber threats, although they cost a little more. LogMeOnce is one of the most innovative password managers to try.


KeePass is the password manager of choice for perfectionists. The fact that it’s open source and doesn’t have a sleek, all-encompassing user interface like other password managers can put off the ordinary user. However, tech-savvy tinkerers will appreciate the adaptability. While the core functionality stands on its own, the program’s full potential requires some technical knowledge to use available extensions. KeePass’s lack of online storage is a huge positive for privacy-conscious users. Since everything is kept locally, you won’t need to rely on the safety measures taken by an internet service (like LastPass) to safeguard your sensitive information. A knowledgeable user will use a private cloud account to share the file with other gadgets. If you want a password manager that you can tailor to your needs without breaking the bank or being subject to a service provider’s rules and regulations, this is the product for you.


IronVest is a simple and uncomplicated approach when making purchases online to safeguard your passwords, identities, credit cards, and email addresses. IronVest does more than store your passwords securely; it also aims to make your online experience more secure, which is why it stands apart from other password managers. IronVest, a still-young firm, has wowed with more than simply reliable password management software; it can also obscure personal data and prevent tracking. IronVest produces and submits a masked version of your information when you enter your credit card number, email address, or other sensitive data on a site. It does this by hiding your identity when you shop online. It’s a cool extra that sets IronVest apart from similar products.

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