9+ Use Cases of ChatGPT that Went on Steriods

With the advent of the internet, ChatGPT is now available to everyone. Steroids have been added to ChatGPT. Here are some examples of how you can put the latest version of ChatGPT to work:

Rapid creation of content based on current events, trends, and analytics.  

Example: “Generate a caption & prompt for Midjourney to create a post for Instagram [Username] using yesterday’s news for [Topic]. Finally, utilizing the last week’s engagement statistics, recommend a posting time.

Job hunting 

Example: “Find a list of remote [Field] jobs that fit my profile, with a pay range of $70k-90k. Using that list, edit my resume & cover letter for each job listing. And lastly, submit each application and use Excel sheets to keep track of each application.”

Plan your trip with up-to-the-minute information.  

Example: “Find me the quickest flight from [Location] to [Loaction] within 27 hours. Once landed, book a hotel under $200 in [Location] that also has a hot tub, 2 beds, and is near the city”

Find the most recent trends  

Example: “Give me a list of trends forming within the last week in the [Topic]. Using that list, create multiple visuals and a presentation for [company] on Google Slides about how [Topic] is the next big thing”

Discover the best discounts on the web. 

Example: “Search for the three lowest priced [items] across all e-commerce websites. Show me the best options with over 4.5 ratings, that ship to [Location].”

Updates on the stock market in real-time 

Example: “What’s the current price of all the stocks in my [portfolio]? How has its value changed in the last 7 days?”


Example: “Summarize the following [Article] in a paragraph. Then, send that summary to my boss on his [email]”

Explore the most current literature, media, and online resources.  

Example: “Conduct market research on [Website #1] and compare it to our [Website #2].   Give me a list of ways to improve our website and a step-by-step plan to achieve it.”

Create new promotional plans every day. 

Example: “Generate an SEO strategy for [company] around the [Topic].”

Personal Portfolio Manager

Example: “Using data from the latest Snowflake, Google, and Amazon earnings, generate graphs predicting each company’s growth within [Topic].  Then, provide me a thesis on each stock and how they fit within my portfolio.”

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