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In the fast-paced world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, staying updated with the latest trends, breakthroughs, and discussions is crucial. Reddit, the front page of the internet, serves as a hub for experts and enthusiasts alike. Here’s our curated list of the top AI and Machine Learning-related subreddits to follow in 2023 to keep you in the loop.


The sub is focused on machine learning and has regular technical and intriguing posts and discussions. There are a few basic behavioral rules for the subreddit. With over 2.5 million members, this is a must-join group for ML enthusiasts.


r/artificial is the largest subreddit dedicated to all issues related to Artificial Intelligence or AI. With over 167k members, one can find the latest news, examples of AI in practice, and discussions and questions from those working on or studying it. AI is a vast field that touches many disciplines and has many subfields. Many of these have subreddits dedicated to them as well. r/artificial is about all of these things. It is a platform for anyone interested in intelligent and respectful discussion of AI in any form. 


r/ArtificialInteligence is one of the most trending AI subreddits where you don’t have to select a content flair. This subreddit has over 88k+ members. You can join this subreddit to be updated about trending AI updates.


r/machinelearningnews is a community of machine learning enthusiasts/researchers/journalists/writers who share interesting news and articles about the applications of AI. You will never miss any updates on ML/AI/CV/NLP fields because it is posted on a daily basis and highly moderated to avoid any spam.


The sub has more than 75k members participating in discussions and posts focused on automation. Discussions about automation, additive manufacturing, robots, AI, and all the other technologies we’ve developed to enable a world without menial work can be found on the r/Automate subreddit.


The subreddit is dedicated to a thoughtful study of the hypothetical period when artificial intelligence develops to the degree of superior intelligence to that of humans, fundamentally altering civilization. With over 161k members, the sub has posts of excellent quality and relevance. It encompasses all aspects of the technological singularity and associated subjects, such as artificial intelligence (AI), human augmentation, etc. 


With around 12.5k members, the sub is focused on Artificial General Intelligence. A machine with artificial general intelligence (AGI) is one that is capable of carrying out any intellectual work that a human can do. The posts are regular and informative, with creative discussions. 


Anyone interested in sharing and discussing information that computer scientists find fascinating should visit the r/compsci subreddit. This contains a lot of posts about AI. It has a few simple rules to abide by as members. The subreddit has over 2.1 million members.


Ethics are fundamental in AI. r/AIethics has the latest content on how one can use and create various AI tools ethically. The rules are simple. It has over 3.2k members. The subreddit features discussions of how artificial intelligence agents should behave and how we should treat them.


Although cognitive science is a large field, the subreddit features postings that in some way relate to the study of the mind from a scientific perspective, also featuring the latest AI. It features the interdisciplinary study of the mind and intelligence, embracing philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology. There are a few broad behavioral guidelines for users to abide by, and it has more than 107k members.


Computer vision is the branch of AI science that focuses on creating algorithms to extract useful information from raw photos, videos, and sensor data. The subreddit has excellent computer vision and artificial intelligence content. There are about 68k members. With expertise in computer science, machine learning, robotics, mathematics, and other fields, this community is home to academics and engineers developing and utilizing this interdisciplinary topic.


It features the latest content and discussions on Data Science and its related fields. The subreddit has over 817k members and active moderators. It serves as a forum for discussion and debate on matters related to the career of data scientists.


The subreddit is dedicated to learning the latest machine-learning algorithms. It has a broad set of rules and features regular content related to the latest advancements in machine learning. The subreddit has over 276k members.


/r/Machine learning is an excellent subreddit for interesting articles and news related to machine learning. It has over 37.4k members and has active discussions on various ML topics. It is a place for beginners to ask stupid questions and for experts to help them! 


The Subreddit is about Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, and Machine Learning. It features various posts and regular discussions on these topics. It has over 21.8k members and is a great place to learn more about the latest AI.

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