15 AI-Powered Audio Editing Tools

Sound engineers and music producers employ AI audio tools, which are intelligent software programs, to enhance many areas of the creative process, such as generating melodies and harmonies and improving sound quality. Due to their ability to analyze large datasets and detect complex patterns, these technologies have gained popularity among music producers and sound designers seeking to optimize their workflow.


LANDR has 20 million mastered recordings and an easy-to-use interface streamlining processes. LANDR is an AI mastering technology used by top studio engineers who have mastered songs by Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Snoop Dogg, Seal, Post Malone, and many more up-and-coming musicians. The tool’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes audio mastering easier for audio professionals and musicians. LANDR’s mastering chain stands out because it was constructed carefully to maximize creative output. And unlike any other service, LANDR offers custom-built mastering plugins for each supported platform.

Studio Sound

Descript is a cloud-based video creation platform that uses artificial intelligence to speed up the content creation process, and one of the tools it offers is called Studio Sound. Studio Sound eliminates background noise and echoes to focus on the speakers’ voices. Using a regenerative algorithm, the technology enhances voice clarity and removes background noise. It’s a terrific tool for podcasters, YouTubers, and other content creators who want to save time on audio editing. It improves the user’s voice and eliminates distracting sounds like background noise and room echo from audio, videos, and screen recordings.


Audio engineers can use Splitter, a machine learning program, to separate instruments from a track. The software provides four different models to enhance the efficiency of audio professionals. The 5-stem model illustrates this concept excellently because it can accurately isolate vocals, drums, piano, bass, and other instruments/effects, including guitar and synthesizers. The 2-stem paradigm does the same thing by decoupling the vocal and instrumentation stems. Musicians, DJs, artists, forensics experts, audio engineers, karaoke fans, police, and scientists are some of the groups the company aims to serve with its products. The founder of Splitter is a renowned music producer and audio engineer with vast experience in science and technology and the music industry. 

Sonible’s smart: EQ3

EQ3 is an intelligent equalizer that employs an AI filter to fix tonal imbalances mechanically. A balanced sound is achieved by eliminating harsh resonances and notches. By utilizing its intelligent cross-channel processing, users may effortlessly organize up to six channels, guaranteeing that each track is used appropriately. Algorithms analyze spectral data from the grouped channels to determine how much room to give each track in the mix. Users can set the aural hierarchy according to their artistic goals.

Orb Producer Suite 3

Orb Producer Suite 3 is a creation of Hexachords. This Barcelona-based firm specializes in creating AI-powered tools for artists, composers, and music producers—the plugins included in the suite total four. Orb Chords can generate infinite new chord progressions by adjusting parameters like chord color and dissonance. The Melody Maker plugin offers an inexhaustible supply of melodic inspiration and flexible controls for dialing the ideal tone. The Bass module can evaluate the harmony and make intelligent suggestions for bass lines. In contrast, the Arpeggio module provides easy access to various arpeggio patterns that may be further personalized through multiple settings.


Playbeat can rapidly produce and offer various beat combinations according to its proprietary AI SMARTTM algorithm. This program uses complex audio analysis algorithms to generate completely original and one-of-a-kind beats. In addition, users can ” train” the application by providing regular examples of their preferred audio inputs. Through adaptive learning, the app can generate user-specific patterns that more closely match the user’s chosen style, better satisfying the user’s creative requirements.


Lalal.ai is a stem splitter and voice cleaner developed by experts in AI, machine learning, mathematical optimization, and digital signal processing. Voice Cleaner is an AI-powered tool for removing background music and canceling out noise. At the same time, Stem Splitter lets users isolate vocals, instrumental accompaniment, and other instruments from any audio or video file. Both of these applications run on proprietary artificial intelligence models. In 2020, the group used 20TB of training data to create a novel neural network called Rocknet, which could separate songs’ vocal and instrumental components. A year later, they developed Cassiopeia, a more advanced model than Rocknet, providing far cleaner splits with fewer artifacts.

Audo Studio

Audo Studio’s array of features, powered by advanced AI algorithms, simplifies workflows and improves audio quality. With Audo Studio, audio professionals, podcasters, musicians, and producers of all stripes may create beautiful audio results without the difficulties of typical post-production procedures, such as noise reduction, automatic equalization, and advanced vocal processing. The AI algorithms in Audo Studio analyze the audio and eliminate background noise intelligently, improving the sound quality. It automatically adjusts the pitch of voices and other instruments to improve the sound quality.

iZotope’s RX 10

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, iZotope RX 10 is a cutting-edge audio restoration tool that can fix problems like noise, clipping, and distortion. This flexible device includes an abundance of options. The recently added Text Navigation feature is particularly useful because it analyzes conversations and displays text transcriptions in rhythm with the spectrogram. As a result, listeners can alter audio files with greater precision by simply typing in the location of the necessary phrases. The application also has a useful function called Multiple Speaker Detection, which allows for the easy segmentation and categorization of speech associated with specific voices. This is especially beneficial when specific processing for individual speakers is required. New users might benefit from the Repair Assistant Plugin. This helpful Assistant swiftly detects and fixes audio problems within the DAW using machine learning. It singles out the source of the issue and then suggests a repair sequence that the user can tweak to their liking.


Krisp’s AI technology, based on deep neural networks, improves the quality and intelligibility of audio by filtering out background noise, allowing for more concentrated and fruitful discussions. AI drives the Voice Assistant and has a clever noise-cancellation feature that works in both directions. This feature works in both directions, so it can also identify and filter out noises and talks made by other callers. Its Echo Cancellation function removes the acoustic echo caused by a too-sensitive microphone by canceling out the echoes reflected off of nearby hard objects.


Descript’s Overdub is a cutting-edge app that lets users record their voice in a text-to-speech model or select from a library of pre-recorded voices. With the help of Lyrebird AI, Overdub can provide cutting-edge speech synthesis and a natural interface. Descript’s pro accounts have an unlimited vocabulary in addition to free Overdub. Users can only clone their voices to protect their anonymity. Overdubs fit in naturally with live recordings, taking on the same tonal qualities as the original and allowing for pauses and transitions in the middle of sentences. With various voices, users can find the perfect one for any situation. Overdub will enable you to share your voice with collaborators securely. The simplicity of Overdub allows fixing mistakes in audio recordings as easy as typing, saving time and money by avoiding trips back to the studio. Descript also offers a wide variety of professionally recorded stock voices for users to use in their videos or audio projects. Overdub stands out from the crowd since it is the only 44.1KHz broadcast-quality speech synthesizer.

Adobe Podcast

The popularity of podcasts over the past several years has resulted in a rise in the need for high-quality podcast production equipment. Adobe Podcast AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered cloud service that streamlines and simplifies podcasting. Transcripts, captions, keywords, summaries, and more can all be generated with the help of this program. Adobe Podcast AI enables users to change their podcasts using features such as transcribing, applying effects, and cleaning out background noise. Project templates and the Mic Check AI guarantee a proper microphone installation. Create high-quality podcasts with minimal time and effort using Adobe Podcast AI, integrated with Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Spark, and more.


Timebolt.io is another strong tool for erasing silences, speeding up scenes, and swiftly cutting down commentary in movies and audio productions. However, it may be more suited for podcasts and other audio-led projects. Its silence removal functions are particularly helpful because they allow you to identify and eliminate extended pauses you may have accidentally captured. Timebolt.io provides several editing tools and options, including a quiet detector, fast forward, markers, punch-ins, transitions, and controls for the application’s background audio and an “um-check” (to remove um words). 


To remove or isolate voices from music, you can utilize AudioStrip, an online application that employs artificial intelligence and deep learning methods. This resource is available without cost or learning curve, and it ensures only the best algorithms are used. Users can obtain instant feedback by filling out the website’s blue form and uploading a music. More features are being added to the program, but it can batch-isolate numerous tracks simultaneously. AudioStrip is designed for music producers and artists who want to demonstrate their ideas while waiting for official stems using high-quality acapella from the source track. Isolating, batching, transcribing, and mastering tracks are all choices on the website’s menu. Professionals in the music industry, such as SadBois and Illegal, have suggested AudioStrip because it allows them to express their creativity in previously impossible ways. 


Clip.audio is an AI-powered audio search engine that lets you find, make, and remix tracks using only natural language queries and instructions. It is always updated with new sound-generating capabilities and can access over two million sounds from the internet. The search tool is great for music producers, sound designers, and audio engineers since it allows them to find clips from various sources and genres swiftly. Users can use the platform’s robust search system to zero in on the ideal sound effects for their productions. The audio search engine is also compatible with many different audio formats, making locating relevant audio samples simple. As a bonus, Clip. audio’s user interface is straightforward and designed with the end user in mind. Finally, the platform is driven by MetaVoice technology, guaranteeing the ongoing safety and dependability of the audio search engine.

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