10+ Best URL Shorteners For Business And Marketing 2023

Digital tools exist to shorten lengthy URLs, characterized variously as link shorteners, URL shorteners, link compressors, and URL condensers. These URL shorteners are useful for individuals or startups in several ways. Whether using social media to promote your business or sending out a weekly newsletter, most people won’t click on a link to a website if it’s full of random numbers and letters. Long URLs may discourage people from clicking on them. To improve your marketing’s clickthrough rates, try using a link shortener to shorten the long URLs you’ll be using.

Here are a few URL shorteners on the market:


If you’re a content creator that publishes online and would like to expand your audience and money, Hopp.co is your free URL shortener. Hopp.co’s remarkable tools are available to all artists, from Instagram influencers to food bloggers. Features such as unrestricted link usage, detailed analytics, and domain-specific short link generation are all included. What sets Hopp.co apart from other link shorteners is its “pre-roll” customizable promotional page.


Bitly offers everything you need in a professional URL shortener. Compared to other link management services, this one is user-friendly and feature-rich. It provides a complete dashboard where you can monitor the performance of your social links and other activities and make it easy to create short links. While Bitly’s free plan used to be highly recommended, things have changed. With its QR code generator and new link-in-bio feature, you can now keep track of all your short links in one spot. There is a monthly cap of 10 links using your five allotted custom URL tails (thus, bit.ly/CUSTOM). 


TinyURL has existed since 2002 because it efficiently and effectively shortens URLs with minimal user input. When you’re in a pinch and need an always-active short link, this is your option. Copy and paste your long link into the provided box, alter the second half of the URL as desired, then hit the Make TinyURL button! After then, there’s no need to worry about whether or not the link will eventually go inactive. You can use TinyURL without creating an account, but if you do, you’ll have access to a log of the links you’ve shortened. A premium account is available if you require advanced features like tracking and analytics, custom domains, and post-creation edits to your TinyURLs. If your requirements are minimal, you can go right.


BL.INK, a fully-featured URL shortener for businesses of all sizes, can shorten long URLs and track their traffic. The dashboard shows popular links and broad information, while the analytics page goes into device, location, and referrers. Clicks can also be categorized by time. Tag your shortened URLs to measure campaign clicks. BL.INK’s four premium plan tiers offer customizable link production and tracking pricing for small organizations, teams, and large enterprises, starting at $48/month. A free account lets you track up to 1,000 clicks on branded links with a custom domain. BL.INK is an excellent URL shortener for your entire firm. This link shortener includes features like multiple users for less than $50 a month, while others charge hundreds.

Zapier’s URL Shortener

Zapier’s URL Shortener is the way to go if you want a shortened link created and saved automatically whenever you do an action in more than 5,000 applications, such as when you upload an image to your Instagram account or a new product to your Shopify store. The shortened URL can be sent to another app or saved in a Google Sheet by Zapier. Zapier allows you to set up automated workflows that run whenever certain conditions are satisfied in the apps you use most, for as, when a new post is uploaded, a new product is created, etc.


Short.io goes above and beyond the capabilities of other URL shorteners by allowing you to specifically target visitors based on their location or device type and redirect them to a different website. This is helpful if you sell to customers in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Singapore and need to show them the appropriate currency for their purchases. When adding a link, you can specify who you wish to send to that link by clicking the iPhone, Android, or World icons, respectively. You could send a different message to iOS and PC users, but that would likely need to be clarified for everyone involved. Instead, you should only employ this function if you have a compelling reason to direct certain categories of visitors to slightly distinct web pages. 


Tinycc shortens long URLs and tracks traffic. This tool helps bloggers, marketers, and others generate more hits and shares on their links. Smartphones and tablets support Tinycc. Join Tinycc for free and paste your long URL into the box. Tinycc will create a unique, short connection for you. Personalize your short link by adding a word or phrase. Your new short link can be used on social networking, email signatures, etc. After clicking your abbreviated link, users will be forwarded to your full URL. Tinycc also offers link monitoring tools. Link clickthrough rates, geography breakdowns, and device clickthroughs are visible. This data can improve your advertising and link performance.


T2M is a potent URL shortener that lets you make branded links for your online content, whether a website, blog, or social media post. To measure the success of your links, you may monitor their clickthrough and conversion rates with T2M. The use of T2M is simple. Enter the long URL you want to be shortened, and T2M will return a short, personalized link. Adding a term or phrase to your short link is another way to personalize it. T2M is an excellent tool for shortening lengthy URLs. Clickthrough and conversion rates provide insight into how well your links are performing. T2M is a perfect choice if you need a robust URL shortener that supports branded links. It’s simple to implement and comes loaded with tools for gauging your links’ performance.


For your website, blog, or social network postings, Cutt.ly is a potent URL shortener that may help you produce short, memorable URLs. You can see your links’ performance by tracking their clickthroughs and conversions using Cutt.ly. Using Cutt.ly is a breeze. To create a short, personalized link, input the long URL you wish to shorten into Cutt.ly. Adding a term or phrase to your short link is another way to personalize it. Cutt.ly is an excellent tool for reducing the length of lengthy URLs. Your links’ clickthrough and conversion rates are metrics you can use to gauge their efficacy. Cutt.ly is perfect if you need a robust URL shortener with in-depth analytics. It’s simple to implement and comes loaded with tools for measuring your links’ performance.


ClickMeter, a powerful link-tracking tool, can track clickthroughs, conversions, and bounce rates. ClickMeter lets you track link clicks and optimize your marketing. ClickMeter is easy. Join ClickMeter and add your links to track their success. ClickMeter will analyze your links’ performance—ClickMeter tracks who clicks on your links, converts, and leaves. ClickMeter lets you customize reports with the information you need. ClickMeter can combine Google Analytics and HubSpot. The smartphone app enables you to track links anywhere. If you require a powerful link monitoring tool, ClickMeter is great. It’s easy to use and generates detailed reports to improve your advertising.


Pixel lets you customize and share trackable short links and QR Codes. Capture data and make smarter decisions on where to focus your time and money.

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