10+ AI Tools for Public Relations (PR) 2023


To put it simply, ChatGPT is an AI-driven conversational user interface. It accepts input from the user, analyzes it, and generates an answer. The OpenAI technology allows the machine to understand both written and verbal language. It can give predetermined answers or ask the user to fill in the blanks. Because it employs machine learning and natural language processing, the technology can potentially have meaningful interactions with consumers. The system’s flexibility means it can be applied in various settings, including customer service, virtual agents, and chatbots. ChatGPT leverages OpenAI technology to provide users with a conversational A.I. system to understand and fulfill their requests.


Midjourney is among the best artificial intelligence image generators because of its powerful capabilities and quick image synthesis. Send an SMS command to Midjourney, which will take care of the rest. Many creative professionals use Midjourney to generate images that inspire their work. The artificial intelligence piece “Théâtre d’Opéra Spatial,” made with Midjourney, beat out 20 other painters to take first place in the fine art category at the Colorado State Fair. However, the present home for Midjourney is a Discord server. You must join the MidJourney Discord server and utilize the bot’s commands to make images. That said, it’s easy to get started right immediately.


Brandwatch is your artificial intelligence social listening solution if media monitoring for your clients is your priority. Brandwatch uses A.I. to monitor written references to your firm and visual representations of your logo and items in the wild. Their sophisticated text analysis tools can also tell you whether a user’s comments about your brand are favorable, bad, or neutral, and they make it easy to keep tabs on all of these indicators.


Remove undesirable objects, people, text, and flaws from your photos with the help of Cleanup.pictures, an AI-powered photo editing application. It’s quick and simple to learn, and it lets anyone retouch photos in seconds without sacrificing quality. Photographers, advertising firms, real estate agents, online retailers, and anybody looking to get rid of text, logos, or watermarks are just some people who can benefit from this tool. Unlike Adobe Photoshop’s clone tool, this program can accurately identify what is hiding behind undesirable text, persons, and objects. You can import and edit images of any resolution, and while the export resolution is capped at 720px in the free edition, there is no such restriction in the Pro version.


Create a polished logo and brand identity with minimal effort using Looka, an AI-powered brand identity platform. Looka, the rebranded version of Logojoy, is available without cost. The process begins with a Logo Maker that, using artificial intelligence, can produce hundreds of potential logo designs quickly. The user can then alter the layout to their liking. The Brand Kit then leverages the logo, colors, and fonts to quickly and easily produce dozens, if not hundreds, of unified promotional pieces. Business cards, social media profiles, email signatures, and other sample documents can all be found in the Brand Kit. Users of Looka, a platform powered by artificial intelligence, can alter their profile and cover images across many social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.


It’s easy to see how a product manager can benefit from using Canva’s free image creator. It has always been challenging to source relevant images for presentations and decks at stakeholder meetings, product launches, etc. Sometimes you have a perfect vision of what you want, but the stock images you’re working with must be corrected. Canva’s AI-driven editor allows you to plan your content in advance, generate ideas, and refine your search results until you find the perfect graphic, depending on your inputs.


TLDR This cutting-edge AI-powered web tool can automatically summarize lengthy content like articles, documents, essays, and papers into concise, informative paragraphs. Students cramming for exams, writers looking to summarize their articles quickly, teachers who need to summarize a long document or chapter for their students, and journalists who need to summarize a long article for their newspaper or magazine can all benefit from the tool. TLDR A clean and focused reading experience is provided by the removal of adverts, pop-ups, graphics, and other online distractions, as well as the selection of key ideas from a text and the elimination of irrelevant material such as weak arguments, unsupported conjecture, flashy phrases, and attention wasters.


Hints is an artificial intelligence (A.I.)-powered productivity tool that syncs with your other apps to help you stay on top of your to-do list, notes, deals, and schedule. Notion, Obsidian, Trello, ClickUp, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Google Calendar, and Jira are just some of the services that can be integrated. You may find hints in your preferred messaging apps, including Telegram, WhatsApp, SMS, and more. It’s also possible to leave voicemails. The ability to create, update, and pull data where it goes on the fly is made possible by Hints’s connection to various services, allowing for streamlined management of the business and personal life via a single interface. Some of Hints’s many potential applications are project management, sales, and CRM management, note-taking and information management, and personal organizing. Hints seek to help you save time and effort by integrating with other popular services and using A.I. to improve the efficiency of your daily tasks.


If you or your team need a reliable translator, go no further than DeepL Translate, an AI-powered tool that delivers precise results. It can translate text and entire files, including PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, into 31 other languages. Since the technology can recognize the language rapidly and automatically, the translation process is short, and the results are trustworthy. DeepL also has a lexicon and glossary for quick definitions. DeepL is a great tool for consumers on the road because it can be accessed from a desktop computer, a mobile device, or a Chrome extension. DeepL is one of the most widely used translation tools by millions daily.


Otter.ai is an artificial intelligence-driven platform for accurately recording and transcribing meetings and conversations. Real-time, encrypted, searchable, and shareable notes from any conversation are taken using automatic speech recognition. Otter can go into your Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet meeting and start recording immediately. By focusing on the most important points and delegating tasks, we produce summaries that can be readily distributed and recalled. People in professional, academic, and personal settings have all benefited from using Otter, a time-saving tool available on iOS, Android, and Chrome. The automatic slide-capture function and its capacity to transcribe from several speakers have both been praised.


Creating stunning presentations in record time is a breeze with the help of Beautiful.ai, a web-based presentation maker. Presenters can get their points through quickly and easily using hundreds of AI-designed smart slides. The online hub provides access to free resources such as stock images, videos, templates, and animation software. Audio narration, secure file-sharing and collaboration tools, and in-depth analytics are also included to help users craft flawless presentations.


Ellie, an intelligent email assistant, analyses a user’s writing pattern and delivers customized responses that sound like them. This Chrome and Firefox browser extension supports Gmail and promises to help other web-based email applications. Ellie replies in multiple languages and reads email threads. Users can change Ellie’s responses five times and add context for more personalized answers. Ellie uses user-provided sample content and does not read user emails. We limit responses per subscription due to the expensive cost of developing A.I. and content. Ellie can make emailing easier for people with dyslexia. Ellie developers are self-funded and don’t sell email addresses.


Copy.ai is a copywriting tool powered by artificial intelligence that helps organizations produce high-quality, persuasive content. There is no sign-up fee or minimum purchase required. The tool employs cookies to customize the user experience and advertising purposes. The website use cookies for both GDPR compliance and bot detection. The application also tracks user navigation and actions on the website, which is then utilized to generate statistical reports and heat maps. Additionally, cookies save the user’s language and server cluster preferences. This improves the quality of the user experience and the ads they see.


Synthesia is a video-creation platform using artificial intelligence to create high-quality videos cheaply. It’s a browser add-on that eliminates the need for video editing software, allowing anyone to create polished videos with their friends and family. In Synthesia, you can choose from more than 85 premade A.I. avatars or create your own from scratch using the platform’s 55 premade design templates or any of the 120 supported languages and dialects. The platform can be used for various purposes, from external uses like marketing and customer service to internal benefits like onboarding and training. Over 30,000 organizations have trusted Synthesia due to its capacity to reduce video production expenses by as much as 80%.


Grammarly is a web-based writing tutor powered by artificial intelligence. It immediately corrects any grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, style, or tone errors you may have made. Over half a million programs and websites are compatible with Grammarly on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It has several useful tools, including a citation maker, an essay checker, and a grammar, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism detector. Grammarly is made to be used by anyone: people, groups, organizations, and even schools. It offers several distinct packages to meet a variety of requirements. In addition to its editing software, Grammarly provides a wealth of additional resources, including a developer’s blog, an education blog, a business blog, and a tech blog.

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