A Chatbot for every Use Case

Explore how i-genie can be used across your organization to help your business grow faster and more efficient.

Website Chatbot

Assist visitors coming by your stall in an expo and automate lead generation

Instant Chat Support

Review chats in real-time and jump into conversations when required

Swiftly book

Swiftly book hotel rooms without the hassle of talking to concierg

Chat Widget For Website

Engage and interact with website visitors to generate Sales Qualified Leads

Discount Coupons

Drive sales by reaching more people through offers and promotion

FAQ bots

FAQ bots answer mundane and repetitive questions while you focus on important tasks

Customer Support Chat

Leverage chatbot to handle the overflow of visitors at your expo stall

Online Chat Platform

Improve brand experience by conducting a quiz with a lucky draw contest

Site Visit

Showcase beautiful homes that lead to booking a site visit

Self Service

Offer a quicker query resolution with a self-service experience

Live Chat Customer Service Software

Explore and book events seamlessly through a conversation

Marketing Messaging Platform

Cross-sell and up-sell with personalized product recommendations

IT agents

Delight IT agents with automated incident creation to escalate issues

Online Chat Platform

Make it convenient for visitors to book appointments anytime, anywhere

Customer Service Live Chat Software

Localize customer experience with multilingual query resolution


Increase onboarding speed and success rate with personalized interactions

Real Time Chat App

Proactively start conversations with prospects on your websiteeview chats in real-time and jump into conversations when required

Suggest Academic Courses

Suggest academic courses to students and guide them through the admission journey

Live Chat Software for Business in UK

Automate and quicken the claim request process for insurance policies with chatbots

Customer Feedback

Proactively collect customer feedback from your customers to improve CX

Resolve queries

Resolve redundant queries pertaining to HR policies quickly and smartly

Generate QR

Generate QR tickets for daily commuters on metros and other transits


Smartly recommend properties to potential buyers via an MLS integration


Instantly search the inventory of your warehouses and manufacturing locations


Answer all accounting-related queries instantly with an AI-based chatbot


Provide personalized wine recommendations according to the customer’s taste profile

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