Increase your Sales Pipeline and Grow your Customer Base

i-genie helps you accelerate your demand generation and optimize your customer support, all while helping you maintain a personalized touch with your customers.

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Benefits you realize with Automated Conversation Engagement

Automating these processes greatly helps your team improve their productivity and work on my creative tasks that truly require human intelligence. All other menial tasks are easily carried out by the bot.


24/7 Availability

Be available to your customers during holidays, off-work hours, weekends, etc, and reach the epitome of customer support.

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue

                    With a new source to generate demand, i-genie fetches you a higher ROI and improved sales conversions.                    

Controlled Costs

Controlled Costs

No more hiring large teams, no more time wasted on mundane support tasks, no more spending big bucks on automation. You save big!

Enhanced Team Productivity

Enhanced Team Productivity

Automating your basic support means fully utilizing the potential of your agents in high-priority tasks.

Scalable Customer Experience

Scalable Customer Experience

Make every customer feel special by providing a consistent and personalized support experience to your evolving customer base.

Omnichannel Presence

Omnichannel Presence

Let your customers effortlessly reach out to you via every channel they use. Deploy bots on all your channels to widen your reach and online presence.

See what our customers have to say

Ajit cliford

Ajit Cliford

CEO Clef Inc

five stars

I feel they have very competent project management team.

Chris Johnston

Chris Johnston

CEO SmartAi

5 star

Their product is good and we enjoy the easy of use!

John Smit

John Smith


5 zvezda

I was impressed with how quickly

Jack Li

Jack Li

CEO Prdara Inc

5 zvezdica

A Made-in-UK Chatbot made by a passionate set of people

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