What is the ‘Live Chat’ feature?

What is live chat? 

It is an interface where the user can see all the ongoing and historical conversations handled by the bot or the agents.

It is one of the feature that allows users to have text based conversations with the visitors visiting their company’s media properties like Website, WhatsApp number, or Facebook page

Why use live chat? 

It is a simple, yet very effective, recipe for improving both customer service and loyalty. It allows the users to: 

  • * Personalised conversations with humans
  • * Monitor conversations in real time
  • * Monitoring agents
  • * Proactive outreach
  • * Quick response to the questions about the product or the service

What functions does a live chat screen offer? 

There are couple of functions under live chat screen that user can use while interacting with the visitors, they are: 

Conversation Category: 

This is the menu that displays the categories in which the conversation is currently in

Conversation List:

It displays the list of conversations in a given conversation category. Multiple conversations make up the list

Conversation History:

This screen displays the conversation history between the visitors and the bot / agent

Conversation Details:

It is the right most section of the Live Chat screen that displays the details of the conversation


It allows you to group the active or historic conversations for easy future reference

Saved Replies:

It is the collection of standard replies that an agent / user can use to quickly respond back to the visitors questions / queries

Service Level Agreement:

It allows you to define the SLA ensuring that the commitment towards the visitors / customers is maintained

Related Conversation:

It displays the details of historic conversation a particular visitor had with the bot

Filtering Conversation:

Allows you to filter out the conversation based on bot, visitors, category etc..

Copying / Downloading Chat Transcript:

Allows you to download or copy the chat transcript which can be further shared with the other stakeholders for reference