What are lables?

What are Labels? 

With labels, the users will now be able to group the conversation as per the preference, allowing the users to filter out the conversations and accessing the same at any given point of time

i-genie recommends its users to use the labels, since it helps in 

  • * Grouping the conversations as per their objective 
  • * Easy access to the historic conversations 
  • * Prevents time consumption from filtering out the conversations

Use case scenario: 

Let’s suppose the primary objective of the bot is to generate leads. It does get difficult for the users to identify the potential lead amongst many conversations that the bot is handling on a day to day basis. 

In the above screenshot, we can notice that the user has created four labels “Intent to purchase”, “Good Lead”, “Student”, “Debugging needed” allowing the user to group the conversation on the basis of purpose it serves.

How to access the label screen? 

There are two ways through which the users can access the labels;

Live chat screen: 

The labels will be visible to the users on the live chat screen along with the number of conversations assigned to them

Settings tab:

User can access the label screen going into ‘Settings > Live Chat > Labels’

This screen displays all the details about the labels i.e the name of the label, conversations assigned to it, created by, along with date of creation and options to edit and delete the same.

What actions can be performed on labels? 

Users have the ability to perform following actions on labels; 

Create new labels:

This functionality allows users to create new labels at any given point of time as per their preference

Modify existing labels:

This functionality allows the users to make changes in the existing labels which the user has already created

Delete labels:

This functionality allows the users to delete the existing labels once they have served their purpose