Integrating an App using App Market

Integrating an application with i-genie allows the user to easily manage and collect the inputs shared by the visitor. For instance, with the help of integration, the user can ensure that the leads are directly sent to CRM or easy scheduling of meetings etc.. 

How do I integrate it? 

Step 1: Click on the app that the user would like to integrate

Clicking on the same will open the app window providing the description related to app as well as plan the app will be available on

The user will not be able to click on the applications that are ‘Coming soon’ 

Step 2: Click on ‘Accounts’ 

Step 3: Click on ‘Add Account’ to setup integration

Step 4: Authorise i-genie to connect to users account

Doing so will complete the integration and the account will be added

In-order to remove any inactive account from the list, the user can click on ‘Remove’ & confirm the same by clicking on ‘Remove’ again

In-order to integrate CRM with i-genie, the user will need to share the name you want to give for that account and the respective integration ID.