Delete your account

i-genie takes user data very seriously, and to abide with GDPR and CCPA rules, you can request to delete your personal information or your i-genie account at any time.

In-order to delete the account, there are two ways that user can follow:

  • * Via Email 
  • * Via Desk

Via Email: 

The user can send out the email to the i-genie team requesting to delete the account. The email can be sent to The request needs to come from the admin or the owner of the account

Via Desk: 

The other way by which the user can raise the request to delete the account is by raising the desk.

The request needs to come from the owner or admin of the account

We generally take 24-48 hours to address the request

Once we have moved forward with deleting the account, your account data will be permanently lost and i-genie will not be able to restore your data