Action Block: Google Calendar

This integration is only available on the Start-up or Business plan

Google Calendar integration enables you to connect you and your staff’s google calendar account with i-genie so that a customer/prospect can view the available slots of the person and book an appointment seamlessly, all within the chat widget.

How do I set it up? 

Step 1: Add action block on canvas by clicking on ‘+’ 
Step 2: Choose Google Calendar
Step 3: Configure it on right panel

Click on ‘Google Calendar’ action block to open the configuration panel on right side of the screen. Setting up the Google Calendar function, requires you to setup 3 functions, 

  1. 1. Availability & Timezone
  2. 2. Meeting Invites
  3. 3. Contact Details

Availability & Timezone: 

Setup your availability details.

To set this up, you need to provide the following details,

  1. 1. Calendar – Looks for the availability of slots from this calendar
  2. 2. Timezone – The timezone in which the slots will be shown to the visitor
  3. 3. Slot duration – The length of the time slot
  4. 4. Availability – Day wise availability of the person whose calendar is connected here

Meeting Invites:

Define the copy for the meeting booked using the Google Calendar action block.

The details you can book are,

  1. 1. Subject – Subject line of the event
  2. 2. Description – Description of the event
  3. 3. Location – Location details, if to be added

You can enable to add the Google Meet meeting link by selecting the checkbox

Contact Details: 

Request for the contact details of the visitor 

Step 4: Define the further flow

Finally, add success and failure messages for the outcomes that the Google Calendar integration can bring