Action Block: Buttons

Buttons block is used to branch out conversation using intuitive buttons. The users can choose any option to go down its path. Each button can have the same path or different paths moving from it.

Button are usually used when you are building bot for channels like Web page or for Facebook page.

What are different types of Buttons?

  • Branch – Move to a different path of the conversation flow
  • URL – Open a web page and end the flow

Buttons will perform either of the above functions at a time

Maximum number of buttons that can be added is 10

The buttons do not disappear after they are clicked on so, the user can return to them at any moment during a conversation

How do I set it up?

Step 1: Add action block on canvas by clicking ‘+’

Step 2: Choose Buttons

Step 3: Configuring it on the right panel

Defining Question: 

Depending upon the preference, you can either add text message or a question that needs to be sent to the visitor for collecting input

Using our rich text editor, you can format the text or the question that you want to send to the user. You can also add emojis to make the conversation more casual and friendly

Defining buttons: 

You can either add Branch button or URL button based on your preference. Lets have a quick look about how these buttons can be configured. 

Branch Button: 

Selecting and configuring branch button will allow the user to navigate visitors to different flow based on the selection. ‘+ Branch Button’ will allow you to add multiple buttons. In-order to rename the button, you can double click on the same and give the appropriate name as per the preference

ou can also add emojis in the button name to make it more conversationally friendly

URL Button: 

Adding URL button will allow you to navigate your visitors from one page to another either in the same tab or in different tab. You can add multiple URL buttons by clicking on ‘+ URL Button’. To configure the URL button, you can follow the following steps:

  • * Click on the ‘Link Icon’ displayed on left of the button
  • * Copy / Paste the Link / URL you want the visitor to be navigated to 
  • * Choose whether to open in ‘Same tab’ or in ‘New tab’ 
  • * Click on ‘Right’ icon to configure the URL

Adding URL button will end the conversation flow

Define Variable

Store the selected button in variable. Doing this will assist you to know what button the visitor has selected, which can be further used while creating the lead in the CRM or sending the data to any other internal systems