i-genie for Enterprise: Scalable, Secure & Reliable

i-genie fulfills all your enterprise chatbot needs by delivering a customized chatbot solution that is secure, scalable, and reliable.

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i-genie: The Perfect Enterprise Chatbot
for Your Business

i-genie is a perfect enterprise chatbot for your business since it has enterprise-grade data security, multiple hosting options, and a dedicated team that works solely on your enterprise chatbot.

for Your Business
Conversing with the I-Genie Team
help team

"While conversing with the i-genie team, the focus was always on ‘what is the best solution for us’ rather than ‘what we can do.’ They helped us get acquainted with a domain we were completely clueless about."

Daniel Patrick
Digital Marketing Manager

Grade Data Security

Have a Peace of Mind with our Enterprise Grade Data Security

We ensure enterprise-grade data security by keeping all interactions between our systems and other parties safe through SSL encryption. Google Cloud, where we are hosted, offers an additional layer of security with regular backup, ensuring data recovery if things go south. Lastly and more importantly, we are SOC2 and GDPR compliant, which shows our commitment towards security.

Choose from our Flexible Hosting Options

To further enhance data security, we offer flexible hosting options like on-premise and private cloud. With On-premise hosting, you gain complete control over your enterprise’s data and the application. Whereas, with the private cloud, you enjoy lower costs, private instance, better uptime, and no potential data mixup.

Flexible Hosting Options
Team Works Dedicatedly

Get the Luxury of a Team that works Dedicatedly for you

Our top-notch enterprise chatbot support involves a dedicated team that works 24x7, solving your queries and offering continuous assistance. We also define SLA (service level agreement), keeping our enterprise chatbot projects in mind to ensure that its uptime is at 99.9%

Customized Enterprise Chatbot for the Win

We fulfill enterprise’s custom chatbot needs with the help of native integrations where they can seamlessly integrate any enterprise software. In addition, we also prioritize, build, and deliver custom features as demanded by the enterprise. Lastly, we have a team that works dedicatedly on the project and offers continuous support.

Custom Chatbot
Chatbot Builder

"Their chatbot builder is so easy to use, and our team was literally able to create over 30+ bots independently in a few weeks' time. i-genie also provides a dedicated customer success manager, who is usually just a call away regarding any queries you might have about the product."

Shashank Shah
Assistant Manager - Business Transformation & Innovation

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